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    My Solar Orange S3

    Is that troon in the pics, looks like it...
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    Which would win? remapped 335d or remapped S3? hmmm?

    the word might fly and pigs come to mind. :kissmyrings:
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    Which would win? remapped 335d or remapped S3? hmmm?

    Maybe 'spin' if i remember the forum members name correct could answer the op question. Think the S3 would beat it off the line (launch) but the 335d would be have a little edge from a rolling start, but a think there would be hardly anything between them so its a bit of a moot point. As for...
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    Which would win? remapped 335d or remapped S3? hmmm?

    Also the handbrake arm rest setup quality design.:nyah:
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    BMW "love in?"

    Another A3 probably like the previous 6 :lmfao: do you think you might actually try some other cars next time round. And its just typical of this place that if you say any car has the upper hand on the mighty Audi you get flooged to death.:asskicking: IMHO.
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    Should have keep the 335 :undwech:
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    S3 vs new Ford Focus RS?

    Is this one not going to be limited also :confused:
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    S3 vs new Ford Focus RS?

    Not sure about this comment look at the history of all RS cars and the residuals, the last focus RS was still worth 15k after 5 years, no S3 is gonna do that.
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    New A3 prices

    Just had a 2.0% price incease across the A3 range...
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    Car Vandalised

    Shag some of her mates... cow.:gun2:
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    A4 Avant 2.0TDi (143) S line - credit crunch bargain!

    Wait 12 weeks dont think so they will be plenty about unsold. There is a 1.5k difference and it will be reg old (6 months) in 3-4 weeks bet the dealer would offer low twenties.
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    A4 Avant 2.0TDi (143) S line - credit crunch bargain!

    Wouldnt say its a bargain, it can be bought brand new for 28.5k. Nice spec car though should sell at the right price...
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    S3 8P owners Poll

    Yes i know no idiot pays list its just a run of the mill car nothing special.:ermm: It's got a not bad spec as standard compared to most audis...
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    S3 8P owners Poll

    Well considering they list just under 27k before adding a few extras they wont be far off 30k list. Did you buy your second hand if it cost much less. Did someone on here not spend 34k on the S3 which was talked about elsewhere whichis a fair amount for an A3 but is there perogative at the end...
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    S3 8P owners Poll

    Oh sorry is it just for S3 owners the rest not need reply.:keule:
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    S3 8P owners Poll

    What do you expect the poll to say when it's all S3 owners replying. They are hardly going to say its not that great after having spent 30k on a souped up posh hot hatch.:think:
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    New member here

    Eh post in the right section of the forum B7!!!
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    Audi R3 + R8

    They are offering discounts on the r8's now.