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    GT Alarm - How do I programming a new fob

    The alarm may be spliced into the central locking pump wiring, located behind the drivers side boot wall. On the GT alarms I think there is a dip-switch sequence for programming new remote fobs. Possibly: disable alarm, ignition on, dipswitch No3 up, press a button on every remote you have...
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    A3 8L Headlight Upgrade

    If you dont want to make your own connectors there are plenty on ebay:
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    anyone know anything about radio waves?

    If you have the little yellow 'car' with integrated 'key symbol in you rpm gauge, you have immo2. The Megamos 'fixed code' ID13 capsule is the correct 'official' chip for the pre-98 A4 B5, and you can match a new or used capsule, as the immo only uses the basic RF ID code...
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    anyone know anything about radio waves?

    This page will be useful to you:
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    Turbo Part Question

    yes, the 05-06ish Golf & Touran TDI 105bhp use the same Garret GT1646V PN: 751851-00-3.
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    Where to buy new Fob?

    I think that the '4D0 837 231 K' key is for year 2000+ A6/S6/RS6 & TT's.
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    Where to buy new Fob?

    The flip key with these part numbers are all interchangeable: 4D0 837 231 4D0 837 231 A 4D0 837 231 B 4D0 837 231 N 4D0 837 231 R
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    What's your name?

    My name is inigo, ini or indy to my mates.
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    Rear Headrest Problem

    If the headrest is in backwards the last adjustment notch (a flat bottomed slot meant to be on the inside lefthand leg of the headrest) may catch unless the tab is pushed in. There is no other reason for it not to come out with a little force.
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    Pc problems, anyone?

    Most likely a bad power supply, but this could also have fried the mobo and/or cpu. A dodgy chassis fan would not cause startup/restarting problems.
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    Workshop Key

    The workshop key is identical to your main key, but has a different side profile which does not fit into the glovebox or boot keyhole.
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    car insurance prices WTF !!!!!!!!!!

    After going through the moneysavingexpert proceedure i ended up with Esure as the cheapest for me.
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    car insurance prices WTF !!!!!!!!!!

    Have you tried adding an older driver to your policy to bring the price down? Insuring my dad as a named driver knocked approx £100 off my premium. Only payed £180 this year.
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    remote central locking

    The rightclick kits are popular and economical. There are also many other similar products on ebay.
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    Increase power maybe turbo

    You can fit a PD130 (gt1749va) turbo, but if you want 200bhp+ you ideally need a hybrid 17/22 etc (small frame turbo with larger turbine/compressor wheel). Fit some 'used' 130/150 injectors, and then remap. You will need a stronger clutch.
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    Polishing with a sanding machine

    A random orbital polisher and a random orbital sander are more or less identical. You may get a few extra's, like 'soft start' on the polisher, and no dust extraction. I would want to use deeper padding though.
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    facelift b5 central locking pump wanted

    Good point, the early cars had pneumatic boot unlock and the later had electronic. My pneumatic boot unlocks with a 'G' pump (fuel flap circuit). In the long run, you still have to physically press the button to open the boot.
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    A4 B5 Popularity

    It is a testament to the design & build quality of the B5, i would say that it will even outlast some of newer models. Soon there will be relatively more on the road, as other cars go to the scrap yard, the AUDI keeps going.
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    facelift b5 central locking pump wanted

    Many of the 8L0 pumps are interchangeable, just dont buy the non-RF 'A' or 'C' suffix pumps. If in doubt, buy the 'G' revision. Partly the same for the later 8D0 pumps. Many of the earlier VAG pump motors (or impellers) can be swapped into your existing pump if the impeller has...