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    GAP Insurance Recommendations

    I claimed on an ALA Back to Invoice policy a couple of years ago for my S3. It was pretty painless; they forked out the difference between my settlement and the price printed on my invoice. Took a couple of weeks in all (including time for the cheque to clear). I would recommend it, as it mean...
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    Caught speeding 73mph in a 50

    Surely you don't actually send it off any more? they just add them to the system and they show up when you check your licence online. The card has no indication of points after all. Also driving fast is fun, but it's a lot more fun on a track where you don't have to watch like a hawk for police...
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    S3 GAP Insurance

    I claimed on my ALA gap policy when my S3 was written off, they were very good, and paid out in full. Definitely worth it, I'd be driving a much cheaper car now if I hadn't taken the policy.
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    quattro influence?

    Current drivetrain preference is: RWD 4WD FWD RWD is a much nicer drive than Haldex 4WD. I'd like to give something with a proper rear-biased 4wd setup a go though.
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    That's pretty low really. I got 24k for mine after 18 months and with over 20k on the clock, and I thought that was a low valuation at the time!
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    Does opening the exhaust flaps reduce economy and power at lower rpm?

    Now you tell me, I just put a larger bore exhaust on... :whistle2:
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    I ditched the ladder and got my new car without PCP. Nice to not have to worry. :)
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    Mine certainly was, over a grand underwater after 18 months, even with a reasonable deposit. If it hadn't been for gap insurance I'd have been in a sticky situation.
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    I've just joined the 8V water pump club

    Mine did... :/
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    S3, bored after 6 months...HELP!

    The man clearly likes his hot hatches... ;) The RS3 does sound absolutely epic though, far far better than any of the 4-pots.
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    S3, bored after 6 months...HELP!

    I live in Cheshire and drive down B roads a lot. They are usually quiet enough for a good blast. I had a nice drive down the A41 yesterday too, it was clear for miles, I had a Merc CLA following me and we were rolling along nicely. Track days aren't too expensive either, depending on how hard...
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    Whose had a payout on GAP insurance?

    I had a back to invoice policy from ALA on my S3 when it was written off. Cost £220 for 4 years cover. They paid out the difference between the insurance settlement and my invoice (though there was a slight delay as it was over £10k). My only complaint is that they paid by cheque rather than an...
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    S3, bored after 6 months...HELP!

    I love it. Hands down the best car I've had. Yes the interior rattles like a kids toy, but the driving experience more than makes up for that. Compared to the S3 it has loads more feel for what the car is doing, and a really nice sense of balance in the chassis. And while it's not really my...
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    S3 Going

    I went RWD after the demise of my S3 and it's a completely different driving experience, and certainly one I prefer.
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    Regretted Options?

    Regretted option: LED lights, not really any better than xenons, but 500 quid dearer.
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    Doors rattling

    I used to get it, only in wet weather. Gummi Pflege didn't sort it, but complaining to the dealer and having them try to fix it did, for a few months. It was coming back though when the car died. Pretty shoddy really, not had that problem on any other car.
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    Poor performance s3 dipped headlights

    Just a few bruises thankfully. The safety systems are very good on the 8V.
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    Official - Let's meet!

    Short answer is I put it through a wall. Oops. Airbags worked like a charm though.
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    Can anyone with Sat Nav identity this?

    I saw it all the time, I assumed it was an indicator to suggest you are leaving the road soon (since it's limited to dual carriageways).
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    Winters would be best, but I found the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics to be an excellent summer tyre.