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    S4 B8 remap options

    Revo may be close to having one released. They are on beta at the moment. As they say it's a switchable remap, i am kinda waiting for it. Revo | Latest News
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    S4 B8 remap options

    Thanks, mnoble. I agree with you on having the option to remove it in case Audi tries to void the warranty even if it isn't related to the remap. Bluefin would be ideal... Btw, how unsafe is piggyback anyway? MTM and ABT seem to be fairly reputable. I guess price is also an issue. Maybe the...
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    Cambelt or chain driven?

    Hi welcome. I'm also fairly new. It looks like the engine has a timing belt for the exhaust camshaft and the inlet camshaft is in turn gear-driven by the exhaust camshaft. Not sure about the service schedule though...
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    Couple of Questions...

    What car have you got?
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    DAB Radio reception

    Mine has been ok. In London reception seems to be fine but it did cut off a few times outside London in the South East. Isn't it the Government's plan to switch off analogue in 2015, if they achieve a certain target in terms of users and coverage? I think all new cars have to be fitted with...
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    S4 B8 remap options

    Hi all, I'm fairly new here, joined after my recent purchase of an S-tronic S4 B8. I have been seeing a number of remap options from various websites and I thought I would start a thread discussing pros and cons and people's opinions and experiences with them. This is also my first Audi and...
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    S4 B8

    Hi everybody, Just want to say hello. Got rid of my BMW 130i and just got an S4 B8. It's my first Audi coming from a BMW camp. Several BMW dealerships were desperate to shift the E92 M3 Coupe and got offered a very good deal. I thought really long and hard about getting it but my head told me...