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    full beam overpowered by dipped xeons

    not done much night driving in the S3 but tonight i did. problem is the dipped xenons are so good (compare to last car) tbat when i put full beams on (std halogen) they make little to no difference in terms of light. all they seem to do is light up signposts theres no increase in distance at...
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    S3 RNSE CD changer and mp3

    Got a long trip coming up and as i havnt gotten the ipod working yet looking to use the changer in th e glove box. Can anyone tell me if the changer accepts MP3 discs or is it just standard audio format. dont have any 2Gb SD cards and going away tomorrow so no time to order online.
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    typical pence per mile for work expenses

    Cool i just wanted to make sure i waant going to be out of pocket qith their setup. Ill get a car allowance as well. So trying to work out what to replace the S3 with. Needs to be either a hatchback or a avant/estate. id have the value of the S3 to play with so just over 10k i think. Still want...
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    typical pence per mile for work expenses

    Been reading up on this abit more after dazzlers post. So under 45p and upto 10k miles you dont declare. But anything over 45p or over 10k miles is taxable? Ive found what looks like a decent app for tracking fuel abd mileage called fuelio (play store). No need to convert litres into gallons...
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    typical pence per mile for work expenses

    Cheers for that dazzler. Seems ive alot of working out to do with the car then. Yeah ill get a company car allowance and i can claim the business miles back (unsure of business miles ill do yet). Ideally i dont want to be out of pocket due to work. so think the S3 will need to go infavour of a...
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    typical pence per mile for work expenses

    Just wondering what the typical prices people get for fuel when claiming it back from their work. I see the government suggests 12p for 2.0 and above for petrols and 16p for equivalent desiel. Do companies generally stick to these rates, Or do people get alot higher? My S3 would be costing me...
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    Please answer this FBMFSW help!!

    no idea about the coding but for the fitting side of things here's the guide to the cruise control retrofit. it'll help you out a wee bit atleast (wheel needs to come full off just dont remove your stalks as you've gone too far)...
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    Group Buy Ideas!!!

    damn ARBs would be good, hopefully its a great price as im skint. how do the standard droplinks fair do they need upgrading as well?
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    add aux to my stereo

    Scott the thing with the oem aux kit is you need to put hands on the media source to change the tracks pause play etc and that if the police see you is 3points and a fine for using a handheld electronic device. The connects2 kit is controllable from the stereo ( and possibly the steering wheel?)...
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    Random: luton van miles to tank?

    Abit random i know. But i may be moving house soon and looking at costings. Im looking at a couple of luton vans for the shifting. But want to know rough fuel cost. Ie how big is the tank and what kind of motorway mileage could i get? Ive got about 450miles each way to do. Im thinking 3-4 tanks...
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    add aux to my stereo

    This options abit more pricey thab that above however it provides USB connectivity as well as AUX. Thid means your ipod can be charged abd controlled via the stereo buttons i havnt fitted mine so cant confirm is FBMFSW buttons also control it. But was impressed with my mates one in his octavia...
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    MFs vs terry towels

    Haha aye i went this morning as well. They were even cheaper than what i was told so went witg the microfibres.
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    What options are standard with the S3?

    Mine also doesnt have cruise control but thats getting retrofitted today. Didnt realise you could get folding mirrors so now ofc i want folding mirrors haha as cruise and folding mirrors is only thing missing off of mine. Drl leds would be good but too expensive to retrofit
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    MFs vs terry towels

    Apologies if its been covered before but wondering which is better. Costco are doing a deal on MFs and TTs and i need to refresh my MFs. Price wise the TTs are slightly better value BUT are they any better or worse than MFs. does it just come down to personal preference? Ive not any issues with...
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    Pressure washer, is the Karcher K2 any good?

    ive used the nilfisk C120.6 and cant fault it over the last couple of years. my dads had a few pressure washers and seems to like blowing them up, hes went through 3 Karchers each barely lasting a year. his nilfisk i told him to get is 2years old and going strong. current one im using...
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    seatbelt buzzer , how to turn it off.

    If you have a bkuetooth OBD2 adaptor you can turn it off via the carista app. Did that in my S3.
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    2.0tfsi tappety engine - cam timing chain question?

    i was quoted approx £30 for the new pick up filter and quoted couple hours labour so around the £125 mark. i am looking to get this done next oil change, before i go getting the chain and bits replaced.
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    2.0 TFSI Known Oil Consumption problem - 2015 ongoing thread (2009-2011 models)

    is this only 2009-2001 engines? is my 2007 S3 likely to be effected by this? ive not long had it so still working out oil useage.
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    Clutch and flywheel advice

    sorry to hijack the thread but where is the best place to buy the sachs clutches? do we get a discount anywhere?
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    fusso soft99

    yeah finally managed to give it another wash today (not touched in 4weeks) just a rinse snow foam and two bucket method. even in the rinse with the pressure washer i could see the effects with the beeding and sheeting still being very very good. i'll get the coat stripped off at some point and...