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    hazard switch illuminates while car is locked.

    The hazard switch stays illuminated as you said for 30 seconds then switches off. Sounds like you have a current draw somewhere draining off the battery. You need to get an ammeter hooked up to the car and see whats being drawn out the battery with the car all locked up.
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    Strange Service messages (miles and days)

    Is the service counter set to fixed? I would be looking at the adaption values for min and max miles and days for the service counter make sure there all set right.
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    Changing a rear brake hose...

    If you get a new hose it should come with the banjo bolt and seals all ready on the hose to fit, I know the genuine ones do as I fitted new rear hoses to my A4 a few weeks back. I would say rear wheel off, arch liner out to get to the union on the metal brake pipe into the hose at the body side...
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    Avant tailgate strut ball fixing bolt loose, advice required thanks

    Try doing it up with a 13mm spanner mine did the same a few times then I put some loctite on it seems to have stopped it for now. But i keep an eye on it every few weeks just to make sure its not coming loose again.
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    anyone got an avant with space saver spare?

    Thank you for looking for me. If at all possible could you get a picture of both sides of the cover for me? My cover has the same part no but without the B on the end so I want to compare to see what the difference is. Many thanks if you can.
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    anyone got an avant with space saver spare?

    Hmmm might try to find some 1.8T S-Line avants then see what the difference is.
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    anyone got an avant with space saver spare?

    The car by the chassis number and PR codes was fitted from the factory with the 5 spoke 17"s and a full size spare alloy. The previous owner also had an S4 which he had tuned up and fitted bigger brakes too but the factory S4 18"s didn't fit over the brakes so fitted them to his other car, which...
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    S4 EGR deletion??????????????????

    S4's don't have EGR. They only have secondary air injection for cold start.
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    anyone got an avant with space saver spare?

    My car by the previous owner has been fitted with S4 alloys and in the boot they have put a space saver spare. So far I have the insert which sits in the wheel but am missing other bits has anyone got a pic of what they have I can compare to?
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    Factory Fitted Rear Sun Blinds - Securing Clip

    If you mean the window blinds in the rear door and the two clips at the top of the window frame that hold the blind up. I think you can get them on there own from an Audi dealer. I am sure I had a car at work the other day with one broken also and we priced a new one up for the customer (I work...
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    will audi oem locking wheel bolts...........

    I don't think BBS LM's were ever a standard or optional extra alloy for Audi. If i remember rightly I think I possibly read somewhere once BBS alloys have the OE radius seat instead of aftermarket taper seat on most aftermarket alloys.
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    will audi oem locking wheel bolts...........

    The seat of the face is wrong. OEM are a ball seat, aftermarket wheels are a taper'd seat. Some people do use them but your not getting 100% surface contact so it's advisable to get the correct wheels bolts for the wheels.
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    CH's look amazing on B6 sport/s-lines.
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    A/C Part No needed

    True. You can fit it ok without the valve though I am sure you can get them separately as you can get the valve cores for the service points on there own.
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    A/C Part No needed

    I think you can get the valves separately from Audi, I would try first. A normal tyre valve wouldn't be any good as I doubt the seals would be ok with aircon gas and oil.
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    Tdi sport 130 2004/2005 oil change

    That is good. i was under the impression they only dealt with trade only but I do think some possibly do over the counters as numerous owners sites always have deals with certain TPS locations.
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    A/C Part No needed

    Under the G65 sensor there should be as has been said a schrader valve in the pipe, this is so you can change the sensor without having to degas the AC system. But also you shouldn't expect this valve to be there someone may of removed it in the past and AC gas isn't something you want to come...
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    Rs6 wheels for swap

    Would you possibly consider selling the RS6 wheels? Only asking as I am after some to replace my S4 rims.
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    1.9 tdi Oil Consumption

    5w40 oils is if your doing fixed service intervals so oil and filter every 10k or 1 year, 5w30 is longlife oil and if you so upto 19k or 2 years between services. Best off sticking to fixed. As for oil consumption VAG group say 1 liter per 1000km's is acceptable! I would check the engine over...
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    My first detailing attempt

    Use iron x and tar remover before clayin, they definitely sell tar remover in halfords not sure if they do a fallout remover similar to iron x