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    Inchcape Visual health check form

    Hi, Can anyone supply me with a visual health check form from Inchcape as I am am having a few, how should we ay issues with them over damage made to my vehicle wilst in there care. Many Thanks
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    Very strange air-con problem...

    Hi all, This happened to my A3 a few times. After removing the pollen filter and replacing/cleaning I havn't had any more probs. Obviously make sure resurc is off initially. Ensure that drain tubes are clear and draining effieciently. Hope this may help.....
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    symptoms of dual mass flywheel

    My car sounds harsh on pulling away, almost like an engine mount broken or that sort of metalic noise. I am not sure axcactly what this is, but I know that the DMF were recalled for catching fire in severe cases on certain chassis ranges. I must check mine with Audi to make sure.
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    Audi corrosion Nightmare....Help!!!....

    Can any one tell me if Audi carryout a corrosion inpection when being in for service ? if so is it recorded anyware ?. I think it's clear to say that Audi don't make it easy to make a claim under there 12 year corrosion warranty. I think i am going to need all the help that you guys maybe able...
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    Maguiars detailing stuff any good?

    Thanks all for your advise, firstly i didn't clay first...... I am but an ameture on a budget, I at the moment can't justify £32 for a pot of Blackfire Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax. As much as I want it comitments elsewhere will have to come first :sorry:. Keep up all the good work, if...
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    Maguiars detailing stuff any good?

    Have used the maguiar's 3 step detailing kit yesterday and am very impressed with the fininsh. I have a pearl black Audi A3 and this has given a wet look that is stunning. Admitedly it took about 4hrs from start to finish, but is wel worth it, opted for the zymol car shampoo with sheepskin mit...
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    A3 2.0 Fsi Cambelt Advise!

    thanks for advise , I have been trawling over the net and can confirm 75k or 5 years whichever earlyest. Great Forum Cheers All
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    A3 2.0 Fsi Cambelt Advise!

    Is that for a petrol engine?
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    A3 2.0 Fsi Cambelt Advise!

    I have spoken to a dealer on my Audi A3's recomended cambelt interval. Now acording to my sevice book this would be due at 115,000miles but audi are saying 75,000miles. Has Audi brought the time forward due to problems or am I correct ? Thanks Chris.
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    a4 no fuel gauge showing

    You could try a hard wire reset..... Method : Disconnect battery Negative and Positive leads and hold them together for a few minutes. Basicly this will reset/powerdown the ECU's and possibly rectifiy your problem. Hope this helps........
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    Audi Corrosion Warranty help...

    Sounds like you have had an issue or two with corrosion claims... Thanks for the advise, I suppose i will have to go and face the maker ha ha. :thumbsup:
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    Audi Corrosion Warranty help...

    Hi all, can anyone tell me how many years paint corrosion warranty comes with Audi ?. I have a 2004 my A3 2.0 Fsi which has developed corrosion to the bottom of the drivers door. Please let me know if anyone has had the same issue and or your experiance dealing with Audi on corrosion. Thanks...
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    ongoing engine prolems

    Obviously an Audi Approved garage should be able to find a cause with there diagnostic equiptment. When you say not quite smooth do you mean on acceleration, initial start up, hot start or just lumpy on tickover? 1. I prosume that you have had an mot, and the emmisions side of that is ok...
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    Another S3 Tyre Thread ??????

    Hi If you are looking for a good allrounder at a reasonable price try the Fulda Extremo's. They are Goodyear F1 rubber cut to Fulda's spec. You won't be letdown ........:thumbsup:
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    A3 2.0 Fsi Jerky gear change....

    Hi all, I have just purchased a 2004my A3 2.0 Fsi Sport with about 60k on the clock. When pulling away from a junction or even changing gear it almost seems like the engine isn't being supported correctly!! , ie engine stabalizer bushes excess worn. All in all you really got to consentrate to...
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    noisy tyre

    Hi all I am new here but share the same problem, rumbling type noise from rear and have Dunlop Sports. They are all stepped up on the inner edges thus need replacing before I go mad !!! Would recomend Fulda extremo tyres to anyone, good alrounder without the big pricetag. They are Gooodyear F1...