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  1. mz21

    Sportback Audi RS3 2015+

    expect the fuel consumption to be around 10% more than your S3, I've had a Golf R for a year and it consumed exactly 10% less than the RS3 in same trips. Around 26/27 mpg on the Golf R, and 24 mpg on the RS3.
  2. mz21

    Sunroof Rattling Again!!!!

    audi could never solve my creaking sunroof, it drives me crazy, I went to my dealer 3 times because of it and the issue was never solved, when the sunroof heats a little it makes a lot of noise, it's hard to believe audi realeased this car with such a stupid mistake/lack of quality control.
  3. mz21

    Exhaust Valve controller options

    I also have the Cete Automotive one, for me it was essential so the cold startups are much quieter, but also the warm startups, before this mod the valves would open and then close immediately in every startup, it was so loud. Now it is much better, and I can still have loud startups when I want.
  4. mz21

    Tyre pressure confusion

    What I understand from the sticker is that for 235/35 all around, front should be 44 and rear 39, that is what I'm using. So the correct pressures are 44 in all tyres? I thought it was F44 R39 since the front of the car is much heavier than the rear.
  5. mz21

    Tyre pressure confusion

    my car has 235/35 in all four corners, what are the correct pressures then? I 'm using more pressure at the front, I'm I doing it wrong? That's how I interpreted the label.
  6. mz21

    DS Performance pads for rs3 8v

    I replaced the OEM pads for Redstuff half an year ago, completely solve the noise problem which was great but I can confirm that they fade very quickly, not recommended for very fast driving.
  7. mz21

    PFL gearbox clunks in traffic

    I got the new update last week but the gearbox is still the same, no difference. Audi says my gearbox is ok, no problems at all.
  8. mz21

    RS3 (PFL) vs RS3 (FL)

    I also drove a FL before this comparison and I couldn't feel any difference to my car, but then a 30 hp and 15 nm increase is very difficult to feel. Anyway it was fun to check the difference side by side in the same conditions, if my friend was alone in the car he would pull slightly on me for...
  9. mz21

    RS3 (PFL) vs RS3 (FL)

    I also like the front lights better on the PFL, but I think the FL rear lights look much better than the PFL. Saturday very late at night in the autobahn, me and a friend who has FL RS3 found a long very wide straight with literally no traffic and decided to do 1 acceleration run to compare my...
  10. mz21

    Fl vs prefl vs TTRS...

    FL sound is still amazing, but sound much more civilized. Only when you hear them in the same garage at the same time, you see how big the difference is, and the bangs on the PFL are just insane for a stock car. You obviously know it because you owned both :-)
  11. mz21

    Fl vs prefl vs TTRS...

    I was talking as stock vs stock, this weekend a friend of mine put his stock FL next to my stock PFL and we both agree (and couple other friends who were there) that there is a huge difference in sound between the two, volume and tone.
  12. mz21

    Prefl brake issues

    It will bother you, it is a squeak like you never heard before, and not engine sound or music will mute it because it occurs very loudly when you are coming to a stop (no engine sound). I replaced to restuff pads and the noise is gone, but from what I read here the performance is not very good.
  13. mz21

    Fl vs prefl vs TTRS...

    if you want to tune the car the FL is much better, with a stage 1 it gets close to 480 hp, PFL with stage 2 only gets about 440 hp. Stock vs stock the acceleration is very very similar though. MRC told me that the PFL turbo is made for torque, and FL turbo is made for power. If you value the...
  14. mz21

    PRE-fl RS3 understeer?

    On the road it's almost impossible to go to the cars limit and feel understeer. I never did. On the track, when going 100% for it, it understeers quite badly, but so does the FL. I tried both on a track already.
  15. mz21

    PFL gearbox clunks in traffic

    interesting, I already informed the chief mechanic in my Audi dealer.
  16. mz21

    That d**n gearbox

    I have to agree that the RS3 DCT sometimes feel like an old single clutch automatic gearbox, having lived with some in the past.
  17. mz21

    Facelift M2 Comp vs. RS3 Saloon

    I have the RS3 and a 1M and like them equally, both amazing cars/brands. I only like cars/models and was never a fan boy of any specific brand, I have had cars from so many brands.
  18. mz21

    PFL gearbox clunks in traffic

    Thank you for the video and for wanting to help. Seems like you can rev the engine quite high aswell, I was tapping the throttle quicker and that allows for the revs to go even higher. In 1st and 2nd the clutch takes some timeto bite, which doesn't happen in 3th and forward. There is a new...
  19. mz21

    PFL gearbox clunks in traffic

    Yes I agree the car always goes into coasting in D1 and D2 at low revs when off throttle, the clutch engaging and desengaging is very noticeable as you said, and creates a lot of uncomfortable clunks while doing it, every time I get back in the throttle even if I do it super smoothly. If you...
  20. mz21

    PFL gearbox clunks in traffic

    Does anyone know what this problem could be? Mechatronic? Gearbox? I spoke with the Audi chief mechanic here and he agrees something is not right, but since my car is the only RS3 around and the Audi dealer never worked on one, they don't have experience to understand what the problem is. Any...