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  1. s1mon02

    A3 8p retro fit air vents?

    I was wondering if then A3 8v dashboard air vents fit the Audi A3 8p? 2011?
  2. s1mon02

    Rs3 style grill help

    Hi guys, so seeing as we are stuck at home I am going to order a new grill but before I do can someone post a tutorial or point me in the direction of one please, also the link below is the one I am looking at is it the right one? I have an A3 s line black edition sportback 2011 thanks in...
  3. s1mon02

    Rear door trim help!

    Thanks, didn’t realise it was such a big job to do!
  4. s1mon02

    Rear door trim help!

    hi, does anyone know if the below triangle door trim comes off and if so how? The paint has flaked off and I need to get them re-done Thanks in advance
  5. s1mon02

    Alloy refurb help!

    It’s black
  6. s1mon02

    Alloy refurb help!

    hi, I am looking at getting my alloy’s refurbished but was wondering wether to keep the diamond cut or not? I quite like the grey anthracite with a gloss finish what are everyone thoughts? And does anyone have any pictures? Tia
  7. s1mon02

    Audi A3 air vents

    hi a few of my air vent have broke so looking at changing them to a better design one are there any that would fit the Audi A3 8p? Or is it just this design? Thanks
  8. s1mon02

    Wing mirror side repeater fitment

    hi, does anyone know how to replace the side repeaters on the wing mirrors? Any video tutorials would be brilliant thanks
  9. s1mon02

    Part numbers and descriptions

    Hi all, I am after a link as to where I can purchase a right wing mirror led indicator light And what is this actually called that is marked in red mine have gone all rusty Thanks in advance
  10. s1mon02

    audi a3 8p clutch life?

    yeah the garage have got someone from the warranty company coming out to inspect the damage that has been caused and like you say causing the gearbox damage does not sound like wear and tear to me regards
  11. s1mon02

    audi a3 8p clutch life?

    Hi, I've got an Audi a3 8p 2011 at 64k miles and the clutch plate has failed and also caused damage to the gearbox casing its under warranty but they are trying to get out of paying by saying it is general wear and tear, now im no mechanic but general wear and tear at 64k miles?? does anyone...