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  1. cboy

    DIY Retrofit FBMFSW question if you look in faq buddy
  2. cboy

    DIY Retrofit FBMFSW question

    the cruise control retrofit has been very well documented in the forum a quick search for cruise control and all your answers will be provided
  3. cboy

    A3 TDI 1.9 (2009) or 2.0 (2010)

    i can concur , i test drove a few a3's before we settled on the 2011 , 93,000 mile ex-lease car , drives and feels like new and now with a 2yr extended warranty i'm a very happy owner, to note i had a 1.9tdi vwbora and i can say that the gear ratio feels different , maybe a longer ratio through...
  4. cboy

    SD Card / Music options (2012 A3)

    people use the bluetooth dongle that fits into the ipod connection but u dont get any info on whats playing/streaming but if your using spotify you wouldnt anyway just *cd1* e.t.c. also i'm in cardiff with full vcds if u need any coding done for beer tokens
  5. cboy

    RNSE Installed

    the wiring is different it needs 3 wires from the blue quadlock going into the long 32pin adapter instead, a quick search you will find the info needed
  6. cboy

    I need some guidance! (RNS-E, AMI related)

    i looked at fitting the ami but its too steep in price for old hat tech, i bought the new xcarlink with bluetooth so i can stream spotify from my phone to the rnse, also the xcarlink comes with a mic for hands free if u dont have oem bluetooth...
  7. cboy

    S3 TPMS reset in DIS

    sounds like you havnt enabled it through vcds in instruments ? otherwise you would see it, how did you know it was enabled and proper settings saved if you didnt have it in dis?
  8. cboy

    S3 TPMS reset in DIS

    its in set
  9. cboy

    S3 TPMS reset in DIS

    you should be able to select it in dis if it was activated properly, it only shows up if car isnt moving
  10. cboy

    RNS-e HELP

    ive done this on mine but i found the audio to be very weak in comparison to direct audio from the sd cards , is there a reason for this? and anything we can do?
  11. cboy

    Do I have bluetooth !

    have a look in the armrest to see if theres a phone prep and turn on the ignition and scan for bluetooth with your phone, if there isnt it'll cost around £250 for a module and wiring then code it, also look in the glovebox for ami ( cd player / ipod connection ) also an aux jack next to the...
  12. cboy

    RNS-e mk2 latest software

    have you sorted it?
  13. cboy

    Pioneer CarPlay Headunit, has anyone got one fitted yet?

    dont you want to keep the dis information ? or does this head unit keep the dis info?
  14. cboy

    RNS-e mk2 latest software

    mines right down the bottom in ( installed )
  15. cboy

    RNS-e mk2 latest software

    intermittant control module for voice control signal is the sds module which you dont have . go into can gateway and see if the mic* is checked if it is uncheck it as i'm sure you dont have it
  16. cboy

    RNS-e mk2 latest software

    i write @ minimum 4x is the lowest i can write cd-r's
  17. cboy

    RNS-e mk2 latest software

    now your on the right track :P
  18. cboy

    RNS-e mk2 latest software

    i live in cardiff with full vcds, i'd be happy to help with the coding