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  1. Jakub

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Hi everyone, after a long time I'm back with this :) H&R 110mm and Rotiform DIA 19x8.5 If anyone is interested you can follow me on instagram @iamjakubpetricek
  2. Jakub

    Audi a3 Bonnet year ???

    Double 2003-2005. Singleframe starts since sportback (late 2004) to 2008 (1st facelift, probably the one you are looking for). Note, that there were another one facelift in 2009 which came with DRL...
  3. Jakub

    a3 sb spacers

    well, you should be ok with everthing between 5 and 15 mm...
  4. Jakub

    a3 sb spacers

    Right spacer width depends on your wheel's specs... In most cases 10-15mm spacers work fine, but tell me size, width and ET of your wheels and tires, if your car is lowered or not and then I'll tell you what to buy..
  5. Jakub

    Spacers on stock springs

    Every wheel has its specs stamped inside. But if you are running oem A3/S3 18" speedlines then they probably have same specs as I mentioned, so it would look like mine. In case you are running 19's speedlines, there are much more possibilities. So to be 100% sure, check the inside of your wheel...
  6. Jakub

    Spacers on stock springs

    Hi there, had 20mm spacers out back with 7.5x18 ET54 225/40 wheels on... I had no issues with rubbing or so as long as it wasn't lowered, maybe it sometimes slighlty rubbed on speedbumbs when I was too faast lol... Once my car was lowered, wheels sometimes rubbed a bit, but nothing terrible...
  7. Jakub

    Lowering Pics Please

    Hey there, here's the thread with H&R 50's on - Imo it isn't low enough... If you want go low, go for coilovers, you won't regret...
  8. Jakub

    Advice.. On AP Coilovers

    Hi mate, had the same problem but there is way how to lower your car on ap's even more. On the rear you just easily remove the adjuster and on the front cut off piece of strut, but I highly doubt if this is the right solution for you, because with this mod you'll lose warranty... Anyway here is...
  9. Jakub

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Update from me, wasn't sure about previous wheels (A7 19", on page 111 or 112), so I bought a set of Rotiform BLQs and I like it much more :) hope you too! 8.5x19 ET45 all around... A3 on Rotiforms by JakubPetricek, on Flickr
  10. Jakub

    How to: Need to lower (not only) AP coils? Partially solved here!

    Hi guys, At first I would like to apologize for my English, but I'll try hard to clearly explain what to do. Before After Problem As many of us know, AP coilovers doesn't allow to go as low as many of us wanted to, especially front ones. So I have tried to find at least a partial solution...
  11. Jakub

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Just a quick shot from today... can't help, but I'm still not sure about those wheels...
  12. Jakub

    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    Here are some in black, look quite good to me!
  13. Jakub

    Will a 5 door bonnet fit a 3 door?

    +1 for you, I realized that immediately after posting that...
  14. Jakub

    Will a 5 door bonnet fit a 3 door?

    Yes. Edit: But pay attention to the shape of the bonnet, because in 2005 came facelift version (singleframe/large grill), so basically there are two types of bonnets in 2005 (facelift 05-08 and prefacelift 03-05). Sportback was only made with singleframe grill, so if your A3 3 door has also...
  15. Jakub

    Audi A3 bonnet

    Not really, 8P has 3 different shapes of bonnets, you will need A3 8P bonnet for model year 08-12, other bonnets won't fit...
  16. Jakub

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Running AP coils all way down, 10mm spacers front, 20mm spacers rear (rim 7,5" wide, ET 54 and 225 wide tire) and bit more negative camber. Sometimes it rubs slightly, nothing serious...
  17. Jakub


    Unfortunately it is not 100% accurate, you can recognise strut diameter from brake caliper - more here . As said, I have 1.9 tdi 2003, same as my friend and we each have different struts, just because mine is sport version and his not.
  18. Jakub

    What audi are these rims from ?

    Try to search through ... They could be from A4 B8 (maybe allroad) - ET45 7.5" wide would look the best on standard, better than ET50+ and not agricultural. Tires are bit large 225/50R17, but I think it will work fine..
  19. Jakub

    JOM crap

    Yeah sumrfworth is right! If they wont settle down, its strange and try to contact the shop, where you bought them....