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    Audi A3 3.2 Quattro - Sold

    Guys I sold the A3. Great car, loved it and would recommend to everyone :salute: But I needed a bit more comfort and space So I have bought an A6 Allroad 3.2 FSI :arco: May see some of you in the A6 section It was fun and thanks for all your help guys
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    Opinion on 3.2

    I would say the 3.2 is a superb car and a beautiful drive. The Engine delivers smooth power all the way through without sounding silly. Beautiful engine sound, lovely drive and with the DSG the car is absolutely gorgeous. it is a wolf in sheep's clothing and has the power when you need it...
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    Dealership issue after 5 days

    Simon The only advice I would give you would be this. Write down exactly what happened and what is right/wrong with the car. Put it in a letter addressed to the sales manager and sit down with him and go through it rationally and clearly stating FACTS only. The second you get emotional or...
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    I would do the following: Cal your bank and set up a deposit account and then set up a standing order to put £700 into the account every year. If you need it the money is there, if you don't then when you come to buy your next car you will have some cash towards the deposit If you...
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    Bluetooth problems

    Right, try this Go into RNSE and delete all pairings and user information Go into your phone and do the same thing and ideally hard reset your phone Start afresh I did this and my phone sorted itself out for a while
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    Not a happy Bunny - Just spoke to Audi

    If it has the cradle ont he dash it has bluetooth. But if trying to connect - the bluetooth in the car is only discoverable for about 20 seconds after you turn the ignition on, so have your phone set up to be paired and turn the ignition on at the same time as you kick off the pairing process
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    Missing Stuff

    Silly question, do you get this drone on a particular piece of road? Mine drones on certain road surfaces and not on others
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    3.2 V6 Insurance - 20 years old

    Be very careful having your mother insure it and you as a named driver. The insurance companies have started clamping down on this in a big way. So if your mum has another car and you can be proved to be the person who mainly drives the car they may refuse to cover you in the event of an accident
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    Audi TT seats in an A3?

    Does anyone know if the new Shape Audi TT seats will fit into the A3? Reason bing is that the TT seats are a lot more comfortable than the A3 ones
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    for the smokers amongst us

    the wind deflectors look like they will solve the problem
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    Scuffed wing mirror

    Yes, I would wander into your Audi dealer and ask them who they use to do their post delivery touch ups. They will probably let you go direct and for something that small any good paint shop shpould be able to do it. Real issue is whether it has put grooves into the plastic in which case it will...
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    Apology in advance - treason warning!

    I have to say the number of windowss I see being broken and Tom Tom units being nicked means that a built in unit which is covered by the insurance is a real bonus. BTW guys you need to tell your insurance it is a Audi standard built in unit and the likely value or guess what! they won't cover...
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    A3 compartments?

    ypu can retrofit the pockets under the seats - slightly tricky to do but can be done without taking the seats out
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    Help - Stolen Key

    The other thing to remember is most insurance companies will pay to have the keys, barrels etc replaced because it is an awful lot cheaper than the car!
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    Your Lifetime MPG

    23.2mpg from new in 7,944 miles Against an alleged 29.7mpg combined I am pleased with that :icon_thumright: so much fun and for so little cost
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    RNS-E / GSM and Nokia N series phones

    S8Craig - sorry for soundng thick, but how can you tell you have the Q version of the phone module please
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    Nokia 6500 classic

    Ah hah, may have the cause of the problem. You need to start searching just after you turn the ignition on. The Audi blue tooth only looks for somethibg like 10 seconds after it is turned on. Try setting your phone up to start searching and then turn the ignition on
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    Boot liner for A3 3Dr Quattro?

    yes if not a stnd Audi one. It takes about 5 minutes max with a pair of scissors
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    Free Audi Sport Eyesight Test!!!!

    Guys You are missing the most obvious point S3 - shot from low down in almost all pictures to make it look more agressive A3 - shot from typically higher angle to mae it look less agressive and more of a family car :)
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    Boot liner for A3 3Dr Quattro?

    Word of Caution the reversible boot mat is about £195 from the dealer. I know I looked at them!! Now if you are thinking of other mats, BE CAREFUL the cheaper ones STINK and keep stinking I have just bought a Cannon Boot mat (trimmed to fit and is excellent) and sensibly priced @£24.99...