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  1. vauxben

    are you able to start your car without putting your foot on the brake?

    You can link them by holding 'auto'. Turn the passenger side one and it should make them independent again
  2. vauxben

    DTUK experiences?

    You wont find better customer services anywhere else than DTUK. I've never heard of a car not producing what they've quoted
  3. vauxben

    connecting ipod to symphony 2 ??

    Thanks for that. So basically even tho they say 1996-2003 they'll work with everthing exept the quadlock system?
  4. vauxben

    connecting ipod to symphony 2 ??

    Having trouble seeing if connecting a ipod to symphony 2 is possible. All the adaptors I find say up to 2003. But I've got a 8p1 a3 53 plate. Plus can I still use the built in cd changer? Links to the adapter would help but searching eBay and forums have been zero help. Thanks
  5. vauxben

    buy a bike or build a track car?

    Buy a track bike :D best of both worlds Bike will be cheaper, both will be fun, and anything on a track is dangerous
  6. vauxben

    Shell V-Power in a 3.2

    I think it takes about 4 tank fulls to start increasing economy ... or so i've heard as for massive waste of money, at my local Shell it costs £1.50 more per tank to fill with V-Power. it costs me roughly £0.14/mile so if i get an extra 11 miles to the tank i'm even. I don't know what i'd get...
  7. vauxben

    Office games...

    Sticking a post-it note to the bottom of someones mouse so it doesn't move. Or a good one is plug a wireless mouse into the back of someones then move it when they're trying to do something or .... Think i need to start doing more work while i'm there
  8. vauxben

    MUSH Developments` S3

    nice project Some nice fabbing going on with this
  9. vauxben

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Did you have a Nurburgring VXR Paula?