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  1. cloughy

    key cutting help

    Folks, Need some advice ref getting a new key cut. Brother has given me his B5 to do some repairs and get back on the road. It only came with 1 valet key and a fob with a broken blade. I bought a new HAA blade and got the fob synced to the central locking again but I am having problems...
  2. cloughy

    Tyre pressures for comfort

    Lol...think the tyres would have to be on the floor! don't know any police officer who carries a pressure gauge
  3. cloughy

    Oil for 2.0 TDI

    Any oil that meets vw spec 507.00, like quantum longlife or castrol edge
  4. cloughy

    Dual action

    Kestrel das-6 is a very good DA
  5. cloughy

    Best Alloy cleaner?

    Plus 1 valet pro bilberry
  6. cloughy

    Newbie - Meguiars Deep Crystal

    Just a quick note on the megs 3 step, I got rid of my stuff as it wasn't lasting, IMO your better off with something more durable especially with winter approaching 2 coats of collinite 476 lasted me the whole winter last year :)
  7. cloughy

    BMW320d sport plus convertible

    My last car was an E92, nice car let down by a poor cabin
  8. cloughy

    Panel Filter or Induction Kit?

    I'd get a standard one from euro car parts for sig less money and fit yourself In my experience performance air filter are only worth it if the cars been mapped as the ecu is set up for a standard air filter
  9. cloughy

    mop for a beginner.

    I taught myself using a kestrel das-6, best thing I've bought for detailing
  10. cloughy

    Audi a3 2.0 tdi sport brake discs sizes so confused!

    170 use the bigger brakes (312) from the GTI
  11. cloughy

    Servicing - Confused !!!

    Cambelt is 75k/5 years according to Audi website
  12. cloughy

    Part number request please - 2006 170TDI Turbo

    This is the invoice I got when I had my turbo replaced
  13. cloughy

    Creeky door and Crayon saved my life.

    polishing the door frame between a and b pillar gets rid of the rubbing sound for me
  14. cloughy

    Oil type? use this link, if your last service was at a dealer they would have used quantum, platinum would prob have been used on a fixed interval service or longlife 3 oil used on a longlife service :)
  15. cloughy

    DIY Oil Change

    Just done a DIY oil change on my gf's A3, used the code OILSPILL30 to get 30% off oil at euro car parts, oil and filter for 20 bucks which is a bargain, as mentioned above only extra thing is new sump plug from audi
  16. cloughy

    Oil service

    They don't use genuine filters and they charge £12 to take the tray underneath off so take it off before you go
  17. cloughy

    A3 8P Headlights

    Philips diamond vision will give a xenon effect, there's a trade off in performance to give the blue tint which is why I settled with nightbreakers
  18. cloughy

    Audi A3 tailpipe trim

    The cutting edge of cultural understanding... Get the part number for exhaust tip and then try a skoda dealer, I've found them cheaper on many occasions for parts :)
  19. cloughy

    Painting Hubs/Calipers

    as above, I did mine in hammerite smooth silver and then the calipers in a high temp gloss black paint
  20. cloughy

    options for my split grill?

    What's that front spoiler/splitter you have Fran? quite like that