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  1. hmy7k

    Decisions, decisions...

    I am ditching my A4 next year and about to press the button on a Tesla Model 3. They are a total revelation to drive, interior quality isn't up to Audi standards but there are so many plus points. From next year BIK is zero on an EV so there is going to be a big shift in the direction of EV's...
  2. hmy7k

    New owner questions

    Don't bother updating your maps just use Waze with Carplay, its far better than the Audi navigation and shows up active warnings such as potholes, police and broken down cars.
  3. hmy7k

    Bent over ready

    I got mine down from £600 to about £350 when I moaned big time about the increased cost over my previous Audi. They also charge for collections and courtesy cars too. The reality is they don't make much on the cars now so they have to try and make it up on the service side. Trouble is they are...
  4. hmy7k

    Does Your S4 get attention?

    Here is a thread on this very same forum all about it. Basically flooded the market with very competitively priced finance deals. They have been doing this on the S3 for a while and now the S4/S5. They may be doing...
  5. hmy7k

    I did not know that

    You can also activate Siri using the button on the steering wheel when carplay is operational, sends texts, phone calls and operates Apple music.
  6. hmy7k

    Does Your S4 get attention?

    You would buy an S4 if you don't want attention and an RS4 if you do. Audi have overdone the S models in my view, they used to be rare now due to the lease deals they are pretty common. Even the RS models have started to lose their rarity value.
  7. hmy7k

    Waze, Carplay and Virtual Cockpit

    I have tried various things but rebooting my phone might have helped. The last time I used the car it worked properly but I am not holding my breath that it isn't going to come back. I suspect an update of the MMI is best option. What is the version that you have now pierreluigi88?
  8. hmy7k

    Waze, Carplay and Virtual Cockpit

    Tried it again today and as soon as I plug the phone in and carplay starts then navigation on VC switches off. Thats even with no navigation options running on Carplay. If I select a route and then cancel it then it works fine. My MMI is version 422 is there a later one, I tried updating it but...
  9. hmy7k

    Waze, Carplay and Virtual Cockpit

    The strange thing I have found is that I wasn’t using Waze or any navigation at all just wanted maps on so I could see traffic ahead, I have removed it from CarPlay and will see if that sorts it.
  10. hmy7k

    Waze, Carplay and Virtual Cockpit

    For the last couple of days Waze has appeared on my Carplay screen, so presumably it is now compatible with Carplay. I put Waze on briefly then turned it off. Now it appears that whenever I use Carplay the VC shows a compass rather than Google Earth. Tried resetting and nothing seems to make...
  11. hmy7k

    Replacement Tyres

    I use the Audi mostly for longer journeys so that probably helps with the longevity.
  12. hmy7k

    Replacement Tyres

    I swapped my Hankooks after 19k and they still had a bit of life in them. I was pretty impressed with that. The car will be gone by the time my Michelins get that far but past experience of Michelins has been good for wear.
  13. hmy7k

    Replacement Tyres

    Just replaced my Hankook originals with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 on 19" wheels and I am very impressed, the Hankooks were fine but the Michelins seem to provide more feedback and consistency in the corners.
  14. hmy7k

    10% Discount BlackCircles

    Good spot, just ordered 4 x Pilot Sport 4's, thanks Paid less (fitted) than mytyres supply only. Was going to order in a few weeks but thats a good saving.
  15. hmy7k

    Michelin Pilot 4S on S4 245/35 R19

    I swapped front to rears so that all mine would wear out at the same time. I could tolerate a different make on each axle but I prefer to swap them all at the same time.
  16. hmy7k

    Michelin Pilot 4S on S4 245/35 R19

    The Michelin 4S is on Black Circles at £191 per corner less £40 if you buy 4. I get the impression the A0 rating is a marketing ploy to encourage you to buy from OEM brands. I will be getting a set of the Michelins in a few weeks time but I am hoping to hang on and get 20k out of my Hankooks.
  17. hmy7k

    Advanced Key Nightmare...

    Have you tried putting it over the pad in the arm rest. Thats where you would put it if the battery is dead. It may reset it. Worth a try.
  18. hmy7k

    Your Next Car?

    I have my name down for an Alpine A110. I have owned Audi's now for about 20 years they are very very good cars but I don't think any of them have been what I would call fun. I will probably get a Volkswagen ID or Model 3 as a run around as the Alpine won't be at all practical.
  19. hmy7k

    Transmission in Sport mode when in efficiency?

    In efficiency mode you can shift into sport by pulling back on the gear lever, pulling back again switches it back. Works well if you just need it for a busy junction or roundabout. Sport mode also disables stop/start which again is handy at busy junctions. I use this all the time, its not a...
  20. hmy7k

    S4 6k miles and worryingly high front tyre wear

    I have done 16k in my 272 tdi and still got a bit of life in them. I would check that they are correctly inflated that is more wear than you would expect if you are driving sensibly.