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    Racedriver grid.

    Its a brilliant game....probably the best I have played out of all the others on the 360 IMO....
  2. S3K

    bad company 360

    I didnt like the demo so wasnt going to buy it but I did in the end and the multiplayer is enjoyable once you get into it and work out what your plans of attack are. I dont think its as good as COD4 but then again who knows if any other game will be? Its nothing like it so you cant compare...
  3. S3K

    One for the plumbers on here - boiler replacement

    Its the same for combi or system boilers...long pipe runs are long pipe would still affect the amount of time you were to get hot water to the taps or shower....
  4. S3K

    One for the plumbers on here - boiler replacement There is nothing wrong with the newer high efficiancy combi boilers but you get what you pay for. The best makes at the moment are Vaillent (no1 choice) and Worcester Bosch. Most of the new ones have a...
  5. S3K

    Fault on driver display???

    Hmmmmmm could be a to convince the better half ;)
  6. S3K

    Fault on driver display???

    Looks like the fronts are on there way out....oh well :)
  7. S3K

    Fault on driver display???

    That was quick...thanks alot guys will get them checked asap :)
  8. S3K

    Fault on driver display???

    Hi guys My other half has been out in the car again and the driver display has come up with this fault???? Cant find anything to say what it represents in the driver book so have you guys got any ideas?? Thanks in advance :)
  9. S3K

    Anyone see that weird virgin guy on C4 last night?

    Just was weird but somewhat compelling to watch hehe :) Agreed about the old bids about mums the word......
  10. S3K

    Whats the best old skool name calling????

    Ya fish!
  11. S3K

    forza 2

    Cant wait for the real looks and feels great.....bring it on :)
  12. S3K

    Read and don't laugh

    That is tears streaming down my face reading that..... :)
  13. S3K


    McAfee does the job for me. Had no problems with it as of yet. There are plenty to choose from though.... Have a look here to see if it helps
  14. S3K

    ipod 80gig or vision m ?

    He he yep its a quality bit of kit. Only thing is I aint got a high speed usb port so transferring takes blimmin ages :(
  15. S3K

    ipod 80gig or vision m ?

    Just got one of the 80 gb ipod videos today. Am just having a play with it now. You have to rencode any movie you want to play on it which isnt a great deal of hassle with the right programme. I have just done a quick music vid and the quality is pretty crystal for a small screen with good sound...
  16. S3K

    What's in your CD changer / iPod etc?

    Cold War Kids Kaiser Chiefs Just Jack The Hours Lost 40 gigs of music last week on my ipod when it corrupted.....just getting it all back again which is a pain :(
  17. S3K

    Crackdown (360)

    I played the demo and hated it. I then got the game and think its really good especially as you build up your skills. Getting to the top of the agency tower and base jumping from it is top fun and graphically pretty fine in HD too. Dont knock it until you try it cos I thought it was another...
  18. S3K

    Which MP3 Player to go for???????

    You can drag and drop with Itunes.....I really like it personally....its easy as pish to keep all you music in order. If I wanna update my mp3 player I think I will stick with getting another Ipod. I am happy with what it does, even though everyone has there own opinion on them :)
  19. S3K

    What Do I Do? Need Advice

    Nice one got me going there :)
  20. S3K

    Fog lamp glass?