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  1. HullRs3

    VW/AUDI Group Product Recall 2014: 7 speed dual clutch gearboxes

    I checked with Audi UK and they say my RS3 which was built in 2012 is not affected by this recall. Only letters have been sent out to specific owners of curtains Registrations Plates. I have kept a printed copy of the article just in case!
  2. HullRs3

    North pole international "train" service

    Geek Mode On - North Pole was were the Channel Tunnel Eurostar trains maintained overnight before returning to Waterloo International from 1994 - 2007, situated on the line from London Paddington Station (west), near Wormwood Scrubs. The site is now being redeveloped for the New Intercity...
  3. HullRs3

    Noisy Neighbour (Loud Exhaust)

    Your neighbour sounds like the bellend that lives next door to me who doesn't like our gardener cutting out lawn at the rear of the house before 9am. He tried complaining to the council so he reckoned but this was a load of bullshy, after many times of him complaining we rang the council to see...
  4. HullRs3

    Laptop Help Needed!

    Before you upgrade to Windows 7 it may be an idea to run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows This will let you know if all the components of your computer are compatible with Windows 7 - not just hardware, but also peripherals. There is also...
  5. HullRs3


    Hull Audi has been JCT600 for past 12months now. Has not been Guilder group since middle of last year. Also since changing the quality of customer service has gone down the proverbial toilet so to speak. I'm not sure if staff from JCT600 go on a special course to treat exisiting customers like...
  6. HullRs3

    Tax Disc Holders List.

    HullRs3 - John
  7. HullRs3

    Audi-Sport.Net Merchandise

    I know there has been a thread on this issue started a year ago but I cannot see anywhere on the Forum where members can purchase any ASN merchandise. Is this still be looked into or does the odd item just get taken to the large events? I managed to get a lanyard & an AIP T-Shirt at AIP 2012 as...
  8. HullRs3

    Vulcan Bomber fly over

    Shame I will miss as at local football match. I would have filmed this too!
  9. HullRs3

    The quickest car I've been in is a....

    Nissan GTR which I drove in July this year on a track day near Gainsborough & have some excellent video footage from inside the car. Also, the Aston Martin DBS at Elvington. Both of these were track days with instructors. Not sure if Noble M10? is faster these or not, but drove this at Leicester...