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  1. Vanessa

    fuel prices in europe

    Hi Yes, try and buy your fuel in the large supermarkets, either intermarche or Carrefour the are usually the cheapest. The prices on the autoroute are more expensive as expected. Have a lovely holiday.
  2. Vanessa

    fuel prices in europe

    I Live in France and diesel here is 1.26 euros per ltr. cheaper than quoted above. Petrol is more expensive here than diesel, but still cheaper than the uk.
  3. Vanessa

    What do you legally have to carry in your car in the UK?

    I live in France and we have to have the following in the car. Inside the car log book original not a copy insurance document original safety jackets at least two triangle spare bulb kit displayed on the screen of the car. ticket showing when mot runs out ticket showing insurance and number...
  4. Vanessa

    Difference between owning a car in France and the UK.

    Hi Guys, i have an Audi A3 2009 1.9TDI In France. MOT. Every two years called a control technique in France. No road tax, but we have to pay every time we use the autoroute. We do have to pay a one of car registration tax when we buy the car whether new or second hand. when selling a...