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  1. AudiNutta

    SKODA FABIA TDi faster than an S3

    Haha not me I will always be here ;)
  2. AudiNutta

    SKODA FABIA TDi faster than an S3

    We are a family friendly forum, the offending posts weren’t to be left in public view or else what would be the point in having a moderation team? I’ve sifted through what I can and removed what I believe breaks the rules we have here on ASN...
  3. AudiNutta

    SKODA FABIA TDi faster than an S3

    @Peter82 @Dubjam Guys I’ve removed 12 of the previous posts, there wasn’t much in some of them that was worth salvaging so I’ve cleared the lot as most wouldn’t make sense without the original post anyway.
  4. AudiNutta

    SKODA FABIA TDi faster than an S3

    Guys let’s call it quits here please and draw a line in the sand. @Peter82 Peter, every member is entitled to their own opinion and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with the way this has been delivered.
  5. AudiNutta

    7 Speed S-tronic Service

    His is a 2015 and they have told him the same. It’s never sealed it’s just Audi for some unknown reason decide with some gearboxes they don’t need a service, yet my S Tronic does. We have 2003 A6 at the moment with an auto box, made by ZF. Audi say sealed for life, ZF laughed down the phone...
  6. AudiNutta

    Ramps catch front of car?

    Be wary of width of tyres, I’ve got some of these but are only good for tyres up to about 195 width. Well, depends on what you’re putting on them but I certainly wouldn’t have the RS tyres up on the edges.
  7. AudiNutta

    New member, after some advice

    Sorry to laugh at your expense, but that’s a funny one and all the time you spent clueless what it was ;) Glad you solved the issue, keep your balls in their sack from here on :whistle2: Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing some photos :icon thumright:
  8. AudiNutta

    Facelift 2018 S3 Clicking noise when turning

    Audi were a little concerned when they heard mine I will be honest, but I got fobbed off in the end when they couldn’t fix it (kept coming back). It doesn’t have to be driven and they did understand this, only have to turn it side to side in the parking space. They would only drive to test...
  9. AudiNutta

    Cloud of white exhaust smoke under heavy acceleration

    If this is covered by warranty, why are you being asked to pay for anything at all? If it’s showing obvious symptoms like smoking, take it to Audi and leave it there.
  10. AudiNutta

    Facelift 2018 S3 Clicking noise when turning

    Direct them to Audi Technical who are well aware of this. Audi on occasion re-torqued the bolts on the steering rack and this would stop it in the very short term but it would come back... new steering rack is the solution. I don’t think it’s critical haven’t heard of a failure yet, but mine was...
  11. AudiNutta

    Non Audi warranty?

    There aren’t any basically, all have a clause.. go with the Audi warranty! It’s absolutely invaluable, my granddad has taken it out for 2 years on his A3 after the manufacturers warranty expired, £345 a year. First year he had a clutch pack which is in excess of a grand to buy, then on the...
  12. AudiNutta

    Facelift 2018 S3 Clicking noise when turning

    Common issue across all of the MQB platform, not right however and needs looking at. Some big threads on when I had this issue on my S3... It’s the steering rack.
  13. AudiNutta

    Haldex pump clean and oil change

    Think I’ve been lucky with my Haldex, can’t say the same with the rest of the car haha! Had mine changed at 17,500 miles and the filter was very very clean. Be wary if Audi do it, they don’t clean the filter!! Not on the service schedule.
  14. AudiNutta

    2015 Audi S3

    That’s a decent offer from Audi on trade in there, considering what they can be like. Send an email off to Weybridge Vehicle Consultancy, offered the best price by far for my S3 and we’ve sold another car to them since. If you are interested DM me, I will send you the email address to my...
  15. AudiNutta

    2015 Audi S3

    Glad to hear it! I was about to say I doubt it with the engine you’ve got in that M5, but the spy clips of the new RS6 darting around the ring gladly give some evidence there is still a monster V8 under the bonnet. Fantastic, I will hold you to that ;) Have sat in one last year and it is just...
  16. AudiNutta

    Carista Fault codes...

    I’ve found Carista can throw a mysterious fault code or two, I’ve got a couple at the moment that VCDS doesn’t see... It’s a good tool, but I wouldn’t rely on it too much for diagnostics. If the fault code can be googled and bring up an known description I’d look into it but I find my ‘ghost’...
  17. AudiNutta

    2015 Audi S3

    That’s a lovely looking car John! Best wheels for it as well... The manual could either make it more or less desirable, in my opinion if you’re prepared to wait for somebody who really wants the manual then it could be worth more. My long term courtesy from Audi was a manual S3 Saloon, what a...
  18. AudiNutta

    Fuel Gauge

    I see the full range has been explained well, haven’t read it all in detail so excuse me if I repeat. Yes the range is totally dependent on prior economy, mine in the RS3 can range between 330 and 410 or so at best after a long steady run. I’ve had the A3, S3 and RS3 and yes the fuel light...
  19. AudiNutta

    Boot not opening

    Sounds like a faulty switch in the boot for sure.
  20. AudiNutta

    B&O Retrofit or new car... :(

    That is a fantastic price for a lot of specialist work, if the OP wants to upgrade sound at low cost this has to be the way. The Audi Sound System especially when using an SD card or plugged in phone is great. B&O is a very very difficult install from what I’ve read and even those most...