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    Terrible radio reception

    Hi last night I noticed that 2 of my radio stations on my radio are not working, since I've had the car there hasn't been any problems with the radio signal Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you
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    Audi a3 2.0tdi sportback loud hiss when accelorating.

    It sounds like a intercooler pipe has popped of, take the under tray off and have a good look at the pipes going to the intercooler, I replaced one of mine last year from Audi and it cost about £40-£50 for one pipe
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    Rear bump stops, DIY?

    I had the same problem with mine a few weeks ago. As said to stop the annoying rattle sound I cut mine off with a hack saw same off really easy. But ideally I want to fix it properly because the black plastic that goes over the strut Is loose and I don't want amusing going down into it...
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    I seen this car a few days ago in chester
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    Audi A3 3.2 DSG Quattro S-Line - Rear Driver Side Shock Absorber 'Issue'

    The only problem is the plastic part that goes over the shocker is loose, I don't want the stuff off the roads going down there
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    Audi A3 3.2 DSG Quattro S-Line - Rear Driver Side Shock Absorber 'Issue'

    I know this is an old post but did you sort this out I have had the same issue? To stop the knocking I've cut the metal off but need to know if i need to buy a new shocker or can I buy the mount? Has this happened to anyone else?
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    My new A3 2.0tdi S-Line

    How much would a set of them rear lights be second hand
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    My new A3 2.0tdi S-Line

    Hi welcome to the site, I've got a s line 3 door in the same colour, it looks lovely in the sun after its been polished. A black grill and surround looks good in them I've been looking for one for mine
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    Boost Leak? 2.0 TDi thoughts?

    Take the pipe off and have a look at the intercooler and make sure nothing in there is broken, the intercooler is plastic where that pipe goes in to
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    Boost Leak? 2.0 TDi thoughts?

    I got the same pipe from audi and it was between £40-£50 the bit that holds them in wear, if you order one you will need a new clip to hold it on other wise it will just keep popping off again They pop off because the wear stupid fitting really
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    turbo whooshing noise problems

    That's the same one side that went on mine, I got it from audi and I think it was about £45
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    turbo whooshing noise problems

    I couldn't see anything on mine from the top, I had to take the under tray off and you could see it straight away, I tryed putting it back on but it kept coming back off so your best getting a new pipe and clip
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    turbo whooshing noise problems

    It could be a pipe that's come off the intercooler, open the bonnet and rev the car and see if you can hear the noise more mine had come off the passenger side , I had to get a new pipe from audi
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    A3 Sportback Headlight Bulbs

    I've put a post up called indicator bulbs on this page or even the second page , I've just bought new bulbs allround for mine, I've gone for osram night breakers which are cheaper than the ones you've posted, there are a few other suggestions in there aswell
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    Indicator bulbs

    Hi can anybody help me I'm trying to order some nightbreakers off eBay and I've put my car in and they say they don't fit? my car is a audi a3 2.0 tdi 140bhp 2006 Thank you
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    I've got a lava Gray a3 s line and it's very nice colour in the sun, car looks nice, I would like my windows tinted and possibly something doing to the front grill
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    Indicator bulbs

    they look alrite for the money are they bright? Have they lasted quite long?
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    Adjusting glovebox lid

    Have you checked all the screws are still init? Mine was doing the same and I looked and there was 1 screw missing, it was driving mad
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    Indicator bulbs

    Hi can anyone tell me if the front and rear indicator bulbs are the same fitment, I've looked online and some say they are and some say there not? can anyone recommend any side light bulbs for a a3 2006 that look white also what are osram night breaker headlight bulbs, has anybody got picture...