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  1. Cockney Boy

    Q7 Q7 Transmission Cooler valve fault

    Why would the fault code say short to ground when the valve doesn't have any sensor ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cockney Boy

    Q7 Q7 Transmission Cooler valve fault

    It's the 8 speed (2010) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Cockney Boy

    Q7 Q7 Transmission Cooler valve fault

    Hi Folks, Got a fult code pop up on the Q7 a few days ago. Its says that my Transmision Cooler valve is short to ground. (Fault code P2754) I have tralled the web for hours with no joy. we also spend a good hour under the car looking for any valve of sens or relating to the oil cooling...
  4. Cockney Boy

    component protection mode.

    Take it back to Perrys and tell them to sort it. Why should you pay?
  5. Cockney Boy

    Cheap 4x4s

    Jeeps are the best :)
  6. Cockney Boy

    Cheap 4x4s

    No such think as a cheap 4x4. It will be cheap for a reason.
  7. Cockney Boy

    apple lightning Audi cable.

    That should be 4F0 051 510 AD At the moment that cable does not support album artwork or video, certainly not the case in my 3G plus and iPhone 5
  8. Cockney Boy

    iPhone/iPad with lightning to MMI video / Iplayer etc - success

    If your wanting to put an Apple TV in then have a look here
  9. Cockney Boy

    Someone taking pictures of our car

    Taking pictures of registration numbers is common before a theft. It doesn't mean that your will be stolen but your identity maybe
  10. Cockney Boy

    FBMFSW airbag options?

    I've never disconnected the battery, all I do is ground myself just I case of static. But officially disconnect it just in case When you take the airbag off look to see how many yellow connectors actually go into the airbag (not the one that plugs into the steering ring)
  11. Cockney Boy

    FBMFSW airbag options?

    Is your old airbag single or dual stage? Take a picture of your airbag on your existing car and we can tell straight away Forget part numbers for the moment as they can be confusing
  12. Cockney Boy

    Adaptive Cruise - Presense question

    What car have you got?
  13. Cockney Boy

    iPhone/iPad with lightning to MMI video / Iplayer etc - success

    This is very interesting, pics will be cool
  14. Cockney Boy

    iPhone 5+data SIM = problems in 2013 Q7, looking for help...

    Really!! The latest version from Audi doesn't allow you to do that. Any chance of a video showing it working?
  15. Cockney Boy

    TV upgrade to MMI system

    First of all, have you got 2G or 3G? As this will have a bearing on the kit you'll need and there is a cost difference. In basic terms the TV tuner will go in the boot and wired into the MOST Loop and Can. Antennas will need to be linked into the rear glass. A bit of coding and your done...
  16. Cockney Boy

    aldi parking ticket

    I've got 7 on the go at the moment, the threatening letters make excellent log burners fuel. Don't ever ever ever be tempted to reply to the letters, just ignore them and they will go away
  17. Cockney Boy

    Q7 interior trim

    All Q7's have the 12volt socket next to the MMI and if you are lookig at buying new trim, dont make the mistake of buying cheap from europe as the Airbag trim wont fit !!! and if your looking at geniune carbon trim then you wont get an airbag option as they had a leather stitched dash without trim.
  18. Cockney Boy

    MMI 2G video/tv options?

    You have options but what's your budget?
  19. Cockney Boy

    CCTV and alarms

    I was looking at an 8 channel HD DVR yesterday with a 1TD drive for about £850 and day/Night domes 2.8-12mm lens for around £150 each. Most important thing with HD is to use Non CCA RG59 Copper coated aluminium cable will give poor image quality, so spend the money on good cable
  20. Cockney Boy

    CCTV and alarms

    I'm in that business. CCTV is a mine field. You can buy cheap and get ok picture quality, or spend good money and go 1080p How many cameras and how long do you want to store footage for? Also are you wanting to go IP megapixel or HD? There is a big difference