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  1. manor13

    Road noise

    I currently have both the 8V sport and the 8P sline i was greatly surprised by the noise in the 8V and commented on it in another post, the 8P is worse so much so if i could swap it I would as its driving me mad. I came from a MKV ED30 and it was way quiter than the 8P & 8V. my boots always full...
  2. manor13

    Something for the non S3 guys - 1.8TFSI 180PS Tuning

    its a plug in kit so when servicing time comes you can remove it from the car with no signs of mod play. some dealerships will not even service modified cars now.
  3. manor13

    GNJ Motorsport Progress Thread - See Here For The Latest S3 Parts!

    Co demo cars:thumbsup: will keep an eye on this, i do like a good build thread.
  4. manor13

    Good & Bad Fuel Economy 1.6TDI

    i will need to try that out as I run an inverter in mine.I would say my mpg is good high50's low 60's last time i looked using only shell diesel now as no bio fuels allowed in the tank.
  5. manor13

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    the bumper on the sline looks better from what I have seen not the car checked the S3's here and the sline front bumper looks better to me.
  6. manor13

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    I like the front bumper on the S-line looks mean not seen to many pics of the s3 but so far the sline looks better.
  7. manor13

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    nice colour choice like this and the daytona alloys may grow double zorst :thumbsup:
  8. manor13

    How easy it is to change the headlight bulbs (Non LED)

    Perfect was looking for this as just had a horrendous journey thru the highlands and the 8V bulbs are pretty poor in dipped and main so going to upgrade to these Osram Audi Nightbreaker UNLIMITED - Performance Bulb Set - H7 477 | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer
  9. manor13

    Upgraded Headlight bulbs

    I have the standard DRL which are glorified sidelights but wondered if anyone had upgraded their main light bulbs for night driving as although bright(not the normal yelow light) they could be better.
  10. manor13

    Detailing top tips & procedures

    I have a mixture of Angelwax Dark Angel, Zymol Carbon but front and rear have Collinite 476s then some Cquartz Hydro over the top should see me thru winter
  11. manor13

    Satellite navigation SD Card Based

    I dont like it, and dont use it at all now switched back to my garmin. I use postcodes and it doesnt get street names and numbers like my Garmin, no exact GPS speed either garmin shows this so handy in areas where cameras are a plenty. Maybe using it incorrectly but not a fan of card based nav's.
  12. manor13

    How to sell my current car?

    advertise on Pistonheads or autotrader
  13. manor13

    A3 vs 1 Series

    did you get a dance thats what i want to know:happy:
  14. manor13

    AMI / Ipod Question for new A3 owners

    damn I have the blue collar and works with my Ipod classic but will not display artwork even if i got to reduced artwork.
  15. manor13

    Audi Ashtray Cup alternatives ?

    I run a 150w inverter in my cig lighter not had any problems and thats with charging a tablet and sat nav, I have sat nav built in but its a sd card and not as good as my old garmin.
  16. manor13

    Audi Connect and iPhone's

    my iphone5 wouldn't connect at all to the audi or my prev nissan's but i downloaded Ios7 and I have for the first time been able to connect via bluetooth, amazed.
  17. manor13

    Audi Ashtray Cup alternatives ?

    I took it out and put it in the garage, its probably an expensive acc but it takes up space for my inverter. my pet hate is people with lose change lying about in cars.
  18. manor13

    Best lacquer protection for winter etc ?

    check out Polish Angel -‎ expensive but one of the best and designed around your weather conditions.
  19. manor13

    Where is everyone?

    1st day I dont like the handbrake ....sorry button, the dial thing is a total pita. bluetooth wont pair up to the htc after initially doing it. sat nav no likey air vents no likey. hopefully the 2nd day will be better. edit fuel guage i neraly missed it looks like ali-trim on the side of the...