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  1. manor13

    Best non-water cleaning product?

    i can see the whole onr thing if done correctly its ok with minimum dirt, still a 2 bucket fan though, proofs in the buckets at the end imo. claybar as well no cloths here, well there is its just hidden
  2. manor13


    its vastly overpriced as the dealer buy the kits for between 13-25 quid and that's me being conservative some pay less. carpet guard is ok if applied correctly as that's mainly the issue is that the people tasked to do it sometimes skip stages or altogether, so if the dealer gives it free then...
  3. manor13

    Autoglym Car Shampoo not many suds?

    ll Bang on, The AG shampoo wasn't designed to foam up hence why everyone shy's away from it thinking its a bad shampoo, they add more thinking it will foam up but doesn't, if you look at it as you wash you will see the shampoo at work(using the correct amount) another worth a look out is...
  4. manor13

    Steering Wheel cleaning session

    I bought some of the VP leather soap to try out, how do you rate it? I use a MF cloth soaked in water then 20 secs in the microwave(carefull not to scold yourself) I tend not to put any product on the wheels itself though.
  5. manor13

    Karcher jet wash at a good price

    I bought one of the WD2 vac's when they were crazy cheap on DW, didn't come with the correct bits and the wet vac bit looked decidedly dodgy lasted only a month before sounding like a jumbo jet, its in the land fill now. henry's the only one I would buy now. pw = nilfisk as well as karcher...
  6. manor13

    Bilt Hamber stuff any good?

    the clay is good stuff by all accounts.
  7. manor13

    Guess the product.....

    never use down wind, spray backs a killer. thing is once you used it you can recall the smell anytime should have a warning on the label lol.
  8. manor13

    Can any recommend a good paint sealant before winter sets in

    going to give this Gtechniq C2V3 a go I think I like easy to use stuff, just had a clear out on dw
  9. manor13

    Which car shampoo/wax is safe to use wih the chrome work?

    Is it wax safe sure with the citrus it would remove the lsp?
  10. manor13

    Help Please..... Mind Blowing Rs3 Trim Job :)

    MJ interiors and Plush are some of the best.
  11. manor13

    Alloy Wheel Cleaning Advice

    I wouldn't use that after applying wax maybe after a few days but not directly after
  12. manor13

    Alloy Wheel Cleaning Advice

    red mist now there's a blast from the past, this is prime example of how DW can ruin a good product don't get me wrong it has it flaws but used correctly its very good. its a sealant so your topping the Ti22 sealant with another sealant.
  13. manor13

    Alloy Wheel Cleaning Advice

    i cant get to grips with that Dlux stuff took me ages to get it off my alloys, might have been badly applied granted but went back to wheel seal and shine tremendous H2go is good for the price windscreen needs to be ultra clean before applying, mines smears sometimes.
  14. manor13

    Rear Seat Smells Of Wee - Help

    seek out autosmart Bio Brisk its the only effective way to get rid off ****, its only avail in 5L but some sellers on ebay will sell smaller sizes heres the info - A specialist biological cleaner and deodouriser. Bio Brisk digests soiling such as grease, oil, protein, fat, etc. Ideal for fabrics...
  15. manor13

    First Proper Clean !!

    that stuff is the business puts dearer stuff to shame like carpro dlux, if i was still a reseller I would stock that in buckets. as in loads of it not actually in buckets lol
  16. manor13

    Detailing World

    They said no;)
  17. manor13

    Detailing World

    joined up as I recognize a few usernames that don't frequent DW now, hope you don't mind but I put you in as the referral QB
  18. manor13

    Detailing World

    who runs DN first i have seen it.
  19. manor13

    Vortex / Tornado Guns??

    My tornador is for sale if anyone's interested pm for details
  20. manor13

    Leaf Blower

    is the dog blower(oo'er misses) no cheaper at £60 odd quid then you can at least pretend you have a dog and aren't crazy at all blow drying your car.