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  1. kcpism

    Audi S Line 18 inch wheels on VW Scirocco

    Do a comparison here to check clearance, offset, bore etc:
  2. kcpism

    Cruise control not maintaining speed going downhill

    Mine uses gears to maintain speed (auto s tronic) as opposed to applying brakes so has a tendency on downward hills for speed to creep up.
  3. kcpism

    Cruise control not maintaining speed going downhill

    Perhaps newer 8V models etc. do as opposed to my older 8P? I typically use mine on flat/motorway. Ill try and find a hill later and test lol
  4. kcpism

    Cruise control not maintaining speed going downhill

    Same with my retro fitted CC, usually climbs up a few mph, have to manually keep an eye on it. My CC usually kicks in if it goes over 10mph iirc
  5. kcpism

    Facelift Glazed headlights, help to fix it

    What about cutting compound and a small drill rotary abrasive/polisher? I did that on mine front and rear to remove scratches and stone chips. Finished off with Auto Glym window polish. Just make sure you have a water spray bottle to apply occasionally to stop them getting hot. Slow and...
  6. kcpism

    Facelift A3 water dripping from exhaust back box

    Try switching parking downhill for uphill and monitor any potential leakage. All sounds perfectly normal though.
  7. kcpism

    Heads up 50% off

    I got front and rears for around £130ish. Happy days.
  8. kcpism

    Heads up 50% off

    I got my fronts and rear Brembo's from Perfect if you aren't needing them in a hurry - 5 days or so from ordering to delivery.
  9. kcpism

    Facelift Sun visor for right side

    How about checking
  10. kcpism

    Wheels Colour

    A medium anthracite would look good, not too dark and not the same as the bodywork.
  11. kcpism


    Alternatively OBDeleven
  12. kcpism

    CCTV systems

    My mate who is a CCTV engineer recommends these to his personal clients:
  13. kcpism

    Rear window heater not working

    In no particular order: Fuse, [damaged] element, [faulty] switch. Do you have a OBD scanner?
  14. kcpism

    LED glovebox light

    Standard bulb is a 582 which is the same as boot bulb
  15. kcpism

    Daytime running lights creating confusion for other drivers

    I've just done this today on my A3! :thumbs up:
  16. kcpism

    A3 sportback/3dr rear wiper blade change

    You can slide your fingers in between the blade and the arm until it should pop off from the middle.
  17. kcpism

    New alloys finally fitted

    There will only be a few mm difference between the old and new wheels, most of it will be perception mainly due to switching chunky tyres for lower profile and thick spokes to skinny ones. Pop your details into this and you will be able to see what you have done:
  18. kcpism

    Hope it wasn't anyone on here!!!

    :blink: :blink: :blink:
  19. kcpism

    Hope it wasn't anyone on here!!!

    Bit of a nob move tbh. Can’t really blame lack of concentration whilst driving at that speed in all fairness
  20. kcpism

    Funny smell coming from front vents!

    Mine is country, I am yet to pull the filter but I have a few bit of green shoots growing from under the bonnet near the wipers :wtf: