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  1. Wai-Fan

    What Type of Audi do you have and why?

    B8 S4 -S3 wasn't available in the US when I bought the S4 :( -Quick, maybe a bit too quick as I rarely get chance to use it's power in the city. -Practical -Quattro, after previously having my FWD A3 2.0 TDi, I feel more confident in harsh weather with Quattro. -Classy styling
  2. Wai-Fan

    New Stig. Who is it?

    Wish they used a different colour though.
  3. Wai-Fan

    Any snow were you live?

    None in Leeds, but there is apparently quite a bit of snow near York. After finding out how useless my car is in the snow, I'm not really looking forward to heavy snow :/
  4. Wai-Fan

    September 11 2001 what were you doing when you heard?

    Seen that before and I also think it's a bit suspicious.
  5. Wai-Fan

    September 11 2001 what were you doing when you heard?

    It was the last day of the summer holiday before I started year 8. I was at my mate's house playing Command and Conquer or something when his sister shouted from downstairs that a plane flown into one of the Twin Towers.
  6. Wai-Fan

    Seems a little excessive?!

    :ermm: Bit harsh for not wearing a seatbelt!
  7. Wai-Fan

    Getting to know you - What do you do???

    I just graduated a couple of weeks ago so therefore I am a bum, but I've been working in a restaurant part time for the past 9 years. Searching for a proper job at the moment though!
  8. Wai-Fan

    Nachos Cheese Sauce

    Gooood recipe, but looking for something a bit lazier as I can't be bothered to turn a hob on every time I want some.
  9. Wai-Fan

    Nachos Cheese Sauce

    Anyone know where VUE cinemas get their cheese sauce from??? It tastes so nice and I want some but I don't know what it's called.
  10. Wai-Fan

    Best car choice under 20k

    The S4 would be my sensible choice because of the V8, all weather performance and practicality! But an E46 M3 coupe in Estoril blue has been my dream car since I was a little boy so that would be very tempting!
  11. Wai-Fan


    Nice one! Congratulations! I just graduated yesterday and so I've got a tough journey ahead of me!
  12. Wai-Fan

    How tall are you?

    I'm 5' 7 and I've been this height since I was 13! I wanna grow more!
  13. Wai-Fan

    Posting Large Items

    I guess I will be using them then! Do you know how long they take to deliver as I can't find any delivery times on their website. Edit: Nevermind, found out now. Didn't realise I had to try and book first before they tell me.
  14. Wai-Fan

    Posting Large Items

    I shall give them a try! Looks like a spoiler is £15 to send, but I'm just mostly worried about it getting damaged on the way there. I'm planning on wrapping the spoiler in several layers of bubblewrap. Do you think that will be alright?
  15. Wai-Fan

    Posting Large Items

    After using eBay for like 7 years I've never actually sold anything so I thought it would be a good time to start getting rid of some unwanted items. I'm going to start by selling my spoiler off my old 206 but I'm not sure which courier to go with. So any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks!
  16. Wai-Fan

    Graduate Job - Spicer Haart

    Just wondering if anyone on the forums work for Spicer Haart, I've been applying for a graduate position and had an interview and just wondering what the induction week is like. Thanks.
  17. Wai-Fan

    Top Gear MPH Show 2010 Discount Code

    I seee, well it must be a lot better than Pistonheads I went to earlier on in the year, apart from a couple of nice cars, it wasn't as good as I expected. I'm easily entertained so MPH should be alright for me :D I'm guessing there's no discount codes available then.
  18. Wai-Fan

    Top Gear MPH Show 2010 Discount Code

    Hi guys, Does anybody know of any discount codes to see the Top Gear MPH Show at Birmingham NEC this year? Preferably a buy one get one half price or even money off voucher. Cheers guys! :sm4:
  19. Wai-Fan

    Changing Car Ownership Question

    My girlfriend's dad has just bought her a car and it's under his name. I bought a personalised plate for her as a birthday present and I want to put it on the car tomorrow. Would we be able to change ownership of the car at the DVLA office there and then or do we need to wait? Thanks.
  20. Wai-Fan

    Epic forum fail.....owned!

    Oooooooo PWNED! What an idiot!