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  1. HullRs3

    AITP 6 discussions

    Just to say a brief thank you to JoJo, Calvin & the Crew for all the hard work in getting AIP6 organised & making another pretty good event despite the weather. Any news or thoughts on when the Guiness World Records Attempt will be next Spring? I was truly looking forward to this, and with any...
  2. HullRs3


    Sorry meant to put model - RS3 (8P) - 2.5 TFSI Sportback (NOT TDI !) - As pointed out I haven't converted my RS3 into a Diseasel!
  3. HullRs3

    AITP 6 discussions

    Ticket booked, not sure yet on whether staying overnight again in nearby hotel. Last year I didn't leave Yorkshire until 6PM as I was watching local football team. I may have to give football a miss if there is a game on again. I shall probably be on the RS3 stand again this year like last...
  4. HullRs3


    Username - HullRs3 Name - John Arnold Model - RS3 (8P) 2.5 TDI Sportback
  5. HullRs3

    A message from Audi UK

    I would like to say thanks from the Audi RS3 Owners Club who will be out in force & increased numbers on Sunday, much to my pleasure as I was the only one last year :arco:
  6. HullRs3

    Audis in the Park 2013 Flyer!

    This is because I am planning to give my RS3 a birthday present from me before the event and these guys may be doing the work.
  7. HullRs3

    Audis in the Park 2013 Flyer!

    Any info. yet on who are providing marques or display stands or is it too early? My RS3 was the only car at the event last year and was displayed under the ASN Marque as can be seen on the scrolling banner for the site next to Satan's Child B3. As I am not sure if my local independant Revo...
  8. HullRs3

    Attending list. 11th Of August.

    1, ScottB5 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A4 B5 Avant. 2, Jay A3 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8L 3, A3-Lee - Probably just come down Sunday A3 8L 4, s3 syc - camping/hotel saturday night 8p s3, heading down for the 1st time 5, Turbo Jay - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8P 6, rossy173 -...
  9. HullRs3

    Audis in the Park 2013

    Just ordered my ticket for my 2nd AIP. Will I be the only RS3 next year again?