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    Hiya mate, welcome to the forum. :) As for the Sat Nav, I'd leave it. like you've said the car isn't really yours and is going to be going back at some time so it doesn't make sense to me if I'm being honest.
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    Newbie Girl!

    Alright Jen. Nice picture, the S3 is looking good as well! Thats me definately at the next North West Meet! Seriously though, the car is very nice, I take it its a big improvement over the RS's :icon_thumright:
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    Hiya mate, Hopefully see you about
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    Another ****** Newb!

    I've just registered on here so thought I'd better say hello first. For the past 2 years I have owned my S3 with absolutely no problems what so ever and its the best car I've had, not the fastest but overall definafetly the best! So far I've managed to keep the mods to a fairly modest level...