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    JB4 info and discussion thread

    I have a dragy, waiting for the weather to improve. Whilst I’m not overly bothered about figures it’s nice to know, especially when stage 1 cars are putting out less power on the same dyno.
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    JB4 info and discussion thread

    I no longer have an s3 but I have just had A JB4 fitted to my 2019 Leon Cupra 290 (PPF) and the car made 350 bhp on Map 2 at RS tuning Leeds (Dyno dynamics rolling road). The only engine mods are Forge intake pipe which also replaces the turbo elbow, panel filter and snowgrate removed/air feed...
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    How long?

    I would usually advise two weeks to be on the safe side once the car has been shipped.
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    Hello again

    I have not posted on here in nearly 5 years, i used to have an 8p s3 which i loved but a change in careers and fortunes meant it was sold. I ended up joining the motor trade starting with Ford, moving to BMW and now with Audi where i have worked since Novemeber. Anyway they do quite a good...