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  1. Chromag

    S4 Avant (pre-facelift) buying advice please

    I am looking to buy an S4 Avant in the next few months and was hoping I could get some buying advice please. I owned a B8 S4 previously and had issues with the gearbox having to be replaced under warranty so would like to avoid as many issues as possible. So are there any inherent flaws with the...
  2. Chromag

    Anyone gone from A4 272 to S4 or vice versa?

    "Mushy and Vague" answers my question really. We've got a BMW 120d Xdrive which has been mapped and dropped as the daily driver. The Audi is to replace a Mk7 Golf R. Whilst the BMW drives really well and feels pretty fast with the remap, it's the R that gives me That Friday Feeling and I need to...
  3. Chromag

    Anyone gone from A4 272 to S4 or vice versa?

    Thinking about these two cars in Avant form. Previously had a B8 S4 and loved it. There's not much 0-60 between the B8 S4 and the B9 272, I do around 12k miles a year and it does far better MPG but I do love the B9 S4. Main concerns are around handling and braking systems. How much of a...