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  1. Vanessa

    Hello, New here :)

    Hi Liam, welcome to the forum, I am also a new Audi owner and loving it.
  2. Vanessa

    new member

    Welcome Mr Audi, nice car:salute:
  3. Vanessa

    Hello from Spain!!

    Hi Carlos, Just come back from 2 weeks in Peniscola.
  4. Vanessa

    Hello from Spain!!

    Ola Carlos, Welcome I am in the south of France. I hope you enjoy this forum.
  5. Vanessa

    Done the deed :)

    Hi Steve, Welcome to the forum, where about you going in France. I live in the South of France. Enjoy your holiday, I hope you have some lovely weather.
  6. Vanessa

    Hello Guys nathlegend here with an Audi A4 B6!

    Hi Lovely looking car, welcome to the forum.
  7. Vanessa

    A new member of the Azores! :P

    Welcome Antonio
  8. Vanessa

    Just bought my first Audi A3 cabriolet 2008 black. What cleaner & Wax

    Hi I have just bought my first Audi A3 2008 Cabriolet, although it says it's a 2009 model, not sure what the difference is. It it has a few scratches and pit marks, I would like to try and get some of them out, can anyone recommend the best products to use. also to clean the soft top. Any...