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    S3 400 mile club

    it was a slow run up a busy M5….
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    Motorway selling advice

    New car sales are low at the moment so next year there will be a lack supply of 1 year old cars to buy. Check out as a potential option if you decide to sell.
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    S3 8V DQ250 Remap Advice.

    Get the engine and gearbox remapped at the same time, it will mean the tuner can release the full potential of the engine tune. With the engine you know what to expect. When I had the ECU and TCU remap both done at the same time the DSG tune really impressed me, it made the car much better to...
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    audi s3 remap concerns!

    I had the engine and 7 speed DSG gearbox remapped at the same time. The DSG remap was a revelation, well worth the money. Check out TVS Engineering’s website for the remap stages, prices and various customisable options.
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    What Drive Select Mode do you most often use

    I leave everything in the Auto setting except under the following circumstances. If I’m on a steep hill I use the paddles to hold a gear and on a long motorway run I change to comfort mode and switch on all the driver assist features.
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    Tvs engineering

    I had the TVS DSG remap done at the same time as the Revo stage 1 engine remap. I have remapped engines before and got the results I expected. The gearbox remap was a bit of a revelation. In auto mode it feels as though it is working in harmony with the car much more than before when it just...
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    Can l change tyre profile size...?

    As you seem to be deviating from an Audi wheel/tyre combination I would suggest you speak to your insurance company first. You may wish to consider reducing the wheel size to 17” or even 16”, but keep to Audi specified combinations of wheel/tyre sizes. They may not care (Which will give you...
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    ...and another one. 2017 MY S3 just hit 50,000 miles. Whilst it is over three years old, fortunately I bought in last year from an Audi dealer so it was covered by the warranty which runs out at the end of March.
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    running a full milltek without a remap

    I did the full Milltek and other hardware changes in advance of a custom remap. All worked fine with no warning lights. I found a noticeable difference after fitting the exhaust, the car breathed much more easily.
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    2.0 TDI CR 140 200 BHP+?

    Seeking 200bhp from a 140 engine? I've been there although it was with the previous generation engine. When it came to the custom remap 200bhp was possible. However, I settled for 197bhp as it gave a much better torque curve and hence better drivability. This was achieved with the stock turbo...
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    Audi a3 lowering springs

    I've had the Eibach set up, see below, for years. They've covered about 120,000 miles. You may want to think about what you are trying to achieve. Is it just cosmetic making the car as low as possible or are you also seeking ride/handling improvements over the stock set up? Once you are...
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    A3 2.0TDI buyers help?

    Even after a lot of modifications, my experience is the engine is very strong. I'm about to hit 160,000 miles. Obviously a full detailed service history is critical. I'm on my third cam belt and second turbo and flywheel.
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    New tyres, which are good value?

    Whatever you select, make sure you swap the wheels round so the ones with the most grip are on the rear.
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    If you had £100 to spend on your A3...

    I'd invest a bit of cash on a dent/scratch removal kit and then invest time and effort in making it look nice. With the rest of the cash I would invest in fuel, go out and enjoy your car.
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    I would suggest your starting point is to understand what you are trying to achieve? Is it bragging rights down the pub (maximum BHP) or useable increases in the performance of the car. It is worth noting that BHP is the consequence of torque and engine speed. 100Nm of Torque at 1,000 rpm is...
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    Where is everybody from ???

    Whilst some seem to claim an unproven link between their county and a deity, I can say with some authority that I am in the West of the Royal County.
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    Improving ride quality with smaller wheels.

    Solid as a rock was a comparison to your comments about skittish and not settled. The car is comfortable enough for me relative to the handling. It feels settled and very connected to the road inspiring confidence.
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    Improving ride quality with smaller wheels.

    The car is solid as a rock when making progress on everything from motorways to B roads. I'm currently enjoying the fine roads of Scotland in my other car, so a picture will have to wait until we return in a week or so.
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    Improving ride quality with smaller wheels.

    Well I went from the standard Sport set up to Eibach Pro springs, dampers and anti roll bars. It improved the ride especially around town and transformed the handling. My wife commented that she no longer needed to slow down for bends!!! I then switched from 17" to 16" wheels. Again it...
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    High mileage 2.0 TDI's! What does your odometer read?

    January 2005 with quite a few mods just about to hit 140k.