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    Rattle on start up, + fuel economy. S3

    Between 22 and 34. But can be as low as 12. But then thats really having some fun
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    what mpg are you getting in your cars?

    Around 20 mpg. S3 stage 2 +
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    My day is getting worse!! Cd error service...?

    I have a double din genuine audi 6 disk stereo out of an a4 sline going very cheap if interested
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    Is this what to really expect? S3

    Way over priced mate
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    New to Audi. My A3

    Welcome mate. Can't see it ending with just liitle mods lol.
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    Should I sell my s3

    I know wot you mean tvr wise lol. Look stunning. But I think I would end up in a hedge facing towards the pearly gates on fire. As clarkson says.
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    Should I sell my s3

    Cheers Alex. I just don't know what to do. Been to see a Porsche 911 Carreras cabriolet. It was nice and quite quick. But didn't have the acceleration of the s3. And nterior isn't as nice Bt it sounded gorgeous. But I'm a little worried as I'm a big bloke 6 ft 4. And don't wont to...
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    Should I sell my s3

    Been looking at 911 Carreras and rs4 or tvr s. but really don't know what to do
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    Should I sell my s3

    Well I've been thinking ,is it time for the s3 to go. Spent a fortune on her but only do about 100 miles a month in her. Is it a waste or pure indulgence :uhm:
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    Oh my god. Smack me in the balls. That's horrible
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    Stupid Cow !

    Divorce is a lot more expensive than a wheel refurb. :shutup2:
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    Honest Opinions Please on Some of My Mods :)

    I think it's coming on really well, but I'm not a fan of after market headlights. Oem for me. But great looking car
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    What's supposed to be in here !!

    That a genuine audi top up oil bag. Should have a litre tub of oil
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    remapping on a 2009 S3

    I had stage one revo then stage two revo but finally I was satisfied with stage 2+ apr remap. Great power response and great drive ability. Fuel:arco: econ went down but. Hey ho. But dyno at 367 bhp.
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    Life with an S3

    23 to 35 mpg. Great fun car. Reliable quick and refined.
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    Another hello post! (New S3)

    I think it's Misano red
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    15Degrees-North S3 turbo Race Car build

    Simply a work of art. You certainly have an eye for quality and attention to detail. Love it:thumbsup:
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    New to the forum

    Nice seat mate. But you can't beat an s3. Good hunting. :scared2: There great cars but modding becomes expensive and addictive.
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    DTTB's cabrio build

    Mmmmmmm. They look great. How much we're they
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    Anyone know what this is might be?

    It's the code info for your keys. Don't loose it