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    Looking at a 2.0T FSI Quattro next week.

    The special edition didn't come out to order until Nov2005 and the first deliveries were late Feb 06(55plate). I ordered one on the week they came out and pushed the delivery back a week to get it on an 06 plate. There were no special options to signify a special edition they could all be...
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    Run Flat Tyres?

    You shouldn't fit run-flat tyres to a wheel rim not designed for them. The rim on a run-flat wheel has an EH+ (extended hump) profile and a normal wheel rim uses an H profile. A non run-flat tyres bead will fit onto a run-flat wheel rim but the other way around bead wont seat correctly and...
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    Which of these tyres for the S3

    Pilot Super Sports are the direct replacement for the much popular PS2. PS3s are not even as good as PS2s, Michelin changed the way the tyres were ranked when the PS3 was launched by introducing more tyre types, which is why the PS3 doesn't compete/replace the PS2. Personally I would spend my...
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    To Warranty or Not?

    I'd be very careful with aftermarket warranties. I took out a Warranty Direct policy to cover my BMW when the new warranty ran out. The second year of having the policy (Luxury car extra) I had a seal on the intake manifold leak at 44k miles. They declined the claim and each time I came back...
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    Will these tyres fit???

    Have you told them you have changed the size? Its your responsibility to tell them of any changes away from stock. A lot of insurance companies even want factory fitted optional extras declared if you read the small print.
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    Will these tyres fit???

    The standard 18" alloys on the A3 always came with 225/40-18. Anything different from that you should inform your insurance company as the tyre size has moved away from stock for the wheel.
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    2.0 TFSI oil burn...

    When I had mine from new it used half a litre in the first 1k miles then only had another half a litre over the next 8k miles until the oil service. Seems odd that some engines require so much extra top up oil.
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    S3, 19 years old with 2 years ncb... is insurance possible?

    Quite, seems madness to me. It's just another way of leasing the car but without the leasing benefits, it isn't even the drivers until the balloon is payed off.
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    Advice on tyres - Decision and thanks

    Great price and top quality tyre. I'm sure you will be happy.
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    Advice Please on New Tyres

    Barum are one of Continentals budget tyre brands along with Semperit. Can't say I have heard good things about their tyres but they are built for the budget market. If you find the performance ok thats good though.
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    Advice Please on New Tyres

    Sounds a great price. Fantastic tyre too, mine are wearing incredibly well and have been on 11 months which used to be about time for new tyres with Sport Contact 3s.
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    Advice Please on New Tyres

    From having a quick look it seems that you can go from the Rainsport 2 to the Sportcontact 3 or the Asymmetric 2 for only an extra £5-6 per tyre. For that price it would be a no brainer for me not to fit the midrange tyre. Also seems that the tyre rating for you car is a 91V same as my wifes...
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    Advice Please on New Tyres

    Never used them but they are from Uniroyal which is one of Continental tyres European Midrange brands. Don't get confused with them being called the rain tyre. They aren't the best in the rain that was a slogan that they used before they were bought out and Conti have kept it on. They aren't...
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    Advice Please on New Tyres

    The W and the Y are the speed index for the tyre. I would imagine the A3 same as yours would need anything higher than a V but check your manual (you can go higher but not lower, unless using winter tyres). The 91 and 94 are the load index 91 will be fine on the A3 and 94 will make the tyre a...
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    Advice Please on New Tyres

    Bit of an odd mix of tyres there. The P6000 is dire an absolutely lethal in the wet, people who know nothing about tyres seem to buy them because they are from a main brand. The F1 Asymmetric is a last generation tyre and been replaced by the Asymmetric 2, it was and still is a very good tyre...
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    Gsm iPhone cradle arrived / fitted........How hard is it to fit aux lead (06 A3)

    iPhones won't connect to the sharkfin as there is no aerial out on the phone. The cradles for iPhones are just chargers, same with BMW ones.
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    Audi AO tyres whats the difference?

    It doesn't mean Audi worked with the tyre manufacturer at all. It means they both have done a deal for the tyre manufacturer to supply Audi OEM tyres.
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    Audi AO tyres whats the difference?

    I can't comment on Bridgestone but Contis are certainly the same no slight differences at all. If they make a tyre specifically for the model it gets renamed like Sport Contact M3. Good spot :)
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    Audi AO tyres whats the difference?

    Its to do with the tyre manufacturers producing tyres marked for the brands they fit on as OEM tyres, they do massive deals with car manufacturers to get their tyres on cars and when the deals are agreed they will produce x amount of tyres marked with the manufacturers designation. Most will go...
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    EVO Tyre tests

    We aren't marketed snow tyres in this country, the winter tyres sold here are for our climate and conditions in the cold and damp, countries with lots of snow are sold totally different tyres. You have an odd history of tyres TBH with PS2 being an extremely good tyre but costing the earth then...