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    Bouncing idle problem

    Hi Guys Having an issue with my idle. When driving around its fine, as soon as i come to a stop my rev's drop to around 500 mark then bounce back to 1k mark. Its does this for a few seconds and then fine. It does this everytime i stop. Its not stalled but getting very close. I've tried...
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    Side Repeater Removal

    Same as Endacy I removed part of the wheel liner and got to them from the back
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    Did the grill surround this morning

    Grill looks brilliant, One day i will get round to doing mine. damo saw the S3 in your banner at AITP looked amazing, vinly work was great.
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    cheap cool mod

    Love the Center dash, was it hard to take off?
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    Stolen Audi S3 (recovered without 1 hour)

    Glad you've got your car back your not from near Ilkeston are you, a black S3 was found dumped this past week or so. Thought to have been used in a local armed robbery
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    Xbox 360 Gamertags

    Ormundo Fifa 11 Forza Cod feel free to add me
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    Audi A3 rear speakers

    Dam it thought as much. cheers AndyMac
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    Audi A3 rear speakers

    Hi Guys One of my rear speakers has gone pop does anyone know the size of the speakers in an A3 99 reg 3 door. Also can you get to the speaker without taking the whole door card off. cheers Si
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    65535 internal control module memory error

    it's just a little orange hand held scanner U280 it reads enigne,abs,srs,at and it comes up in the srs section with another code twice 01218 think it was. i do have a aftermarket stereo which last week i had to retune as it lost all its memory and settings. i've not had this come up before when...
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    65535 internal control module memory error

    Hi guys had this come up on my hand held scanner anyone have any idea whats its to do with printed out what is on wiki.ross-tech but still none the wiser. any help would be great. cheers
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    CC Tuning

    Hey guys not been on for a while not bore you with the details why. just wondering if anyone has had any dealing's with CC tuning in Derby cheers
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    Snapped cable

    Hi all the cable to tilt my passenger seat forward to allow people to get into the back has snapped does anyone know where or how to get it fixed cheers
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    Wheel Spacers, Yes or No?

    looks much better with them want some for my A3 now. do you have to replace the bolts or can you keep the standard ones
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    Shielded induction kit

    just a quick one is the S3 airbox and cold air feeds the same size as a A3 1.8ts no quattro
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    JBS & CustomCode

    i'ved used them a few times and they've been quality cant fault them
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    Golf rear suspension

    Hi guys does anyone know if the rear suspenion to a x reg mk4 golf 2,0 GTi is the same as a 99 plate A3 1.8ts. its just the struts not the springs
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    Recommended independent servicing specialists

    I use Volkspeed there a VAG specailist and are really good on price plus still looks good with the receipts and in serviec book when you come to sell it on, there based near Heanor been taking mine there for the last 3 years
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    Bored with A3!.

    i don't have a S3 and couldn't aford both
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    Bored with A3!.

    I'm the same getting bored of the A3 but dont know wether to get something like a S3, CTR basically with all toys and goes well or go oldskool mk1/mk2
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    Whats wrong

    More bad news followed by great news, picked the car up yesterday and the mechanic told me that when the ignition control module went it had a knock on effect over my engine, and quite a few things were close to there parameters of failing. So he put my car back all the original settings. This...