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    Wavetrac LSD in the rear Haldex 5 diff

    I have ******** my rear diff and looking to upgrade it to the wavetrac one. I know they sell one now but I was wondering if you could give me some advice about this and the process as I think you're the expert on this subject
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    Turbo elbow for CTS Turbo Intake

    thanks for the reply I decided to go full Eventuri instead
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    Turbo elbow for CTS Turbo Intake

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. I'm going to go stage 2 soon and need to upgrade the turbo inlet elbow I was wondering which one would fit the CTS Turbo Intake I currently have on my 2018 RS3 Saloon (DAZA)
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    RS3 FL Brakes

    ive got reylands and ferodo pads being fitted on tuesday
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    RS3 FL Brakes

    Yes just give them a call they ship worldwide
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    Sportback European RS3 wheel offsets

    yhh really didn't want to :(
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    New discs, still judder

    it could be pad deposits or wheels rebalancing another issue could be you the tracking is off too?
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    Removing opf

    defo don't do it yourself its a 2 hour job for a experienced mechanic i would recommend KLR autoworks in Milton Keyes
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    Sportback European RS3 wheel offsets

    yhh i had to get 20mm spacers for my rotiforms so save the hassle and get a lower ET to clear the brakes
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    Decat Downpipes!!!
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    Saloon what tyres to get?

    I have PS4S all round 235/35 square setup its been amazing and lasts so much longer than those awful P-Zeros
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    Post your RS3 8V eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

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    RS3 Saloon Parcel Shelf Removal

    I was wondering how I can remove the parcel shelf, as I have rattle from my B&O subwoofer and to fix it is to remove the felt lining in the actual sub