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    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    Yeah. Lol. Was something to do with the gear linkages. Basically could never go into neutral
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    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    Think your dealer is telling lies. I had the mmi user login fault ( black screen initialising) and sos fault repairs both done last week when mine was in for a new gear box. completely solves both issues that I was having up to 5 times per journey on my daily commute. Mine was built March /...
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    A3 8Y - Electrical system fault: Stop Vehicle

    I just ignore it still haven’t even bothered to take it too the garage and it hasn’t been an issues, probably does it one every 2 weeks now.
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    Definitely higher revs in 2 cylinder mode! Rough maths from experience is that if you basically force it into 2 cylinder mode by not putting to much strain that it needs the torque and above the 1750 rpm to trigger 2 cylinder you'll get about 10 mpg more.
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    For the first 70 miles of my trip a few weeks ago i managed to get 61.4 MPG out of my 35 tfsi. But then Anglesey country lane happened and I have have put in in dynamic by the time id finished the 100 miles journey the average was at 54 mpg
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    My Audi APP

    mine hadnt been working for few days. Today the car received a update for audi connected services and the My Audi app is working again
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    Software update campaigns

    s currently affected by a measure by AUDI AG. Please contact an Audi partner. Measure: 90R2 Description: W software update front sensors Guess that's why every drive i get a warning on the front radar for audi pre sense
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    Wiper blades

    Has anyone tried to change the wiper blades for the 8 y yet. Seem to be a different fitting and no one seems to stock them
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    Power unit fault

    Any ideas what it is ? Or should I ignore it since it goes of straight away
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    Power unit fault

    Anyone ever had a power unit fault? Had it 3 times on start up in the last week this it’s just disappeared.
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    Android auto issue

    According to the website the A3 only has wireless Carplay not android auto
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    How quick is the wireless charger

    i have an iphone 11 and mine charges a couple of percent an hour when using wireless carplay. a fair bit faster when connected over normal Bluetooth
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    A3 1.5L TFSI Jerking

    I cant believe how bad the economy on short journeys round town, the economy is terrible even when running on only 2 cylinders. However, on a long drive it does live up to the claimed figures. Regards to the jerking ive noticed its when its cold on mine when at low RPM in 1 and 2nd gear. If...
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    A3 8Y - Electrical system fault: Stop Vehicle

    I wasn’t trying to take away from the issues you guys have faced. My point was more some A3 have issues not all. I nearly cancelled mine after reading through the forums thinking it was going to be a pain in the **** and not worth the hassle. Plus say that mine was an April build and appears to...
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    A3 8Y - Electrical system fault: Stop Vehicle

    Mine was built in April and haven’t had a single issue at all with it after 1200 miles
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    Can you pair 2 bluetooth phones simultaneously?

    I believe you need the phone box and wireless charger to be able to connect 2 phones
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    MMI / touchscreen issues

    I have an iPhone 11 and always have it connected to wireless car play and have never had an issue
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    ive done 700 miles in my 35 tfsi manual and have averaged 38 mpg, pretty much all of that has been urban. Only really been on two motorway trips with it (more than a junction or two ) and then i got 48 mpg
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    high beam assist when ordering is £100. through FOD it is $175 which is £150. I guess it has to be more expensive through FOD otherwise no one woukd spec them
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    RS Variant Release?

    guess it shouldnt be too long as ive seen the spy shots and videos of it on track so will probably be unveiled soon