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    Rs3 PFL/FL vs PFL s3 handling

    I currently have a 2015 s3 saloon and I'm possibly looking to upgrade to an rs3. I'm wandering how they compare as on a spirited drive in the s3 the other day I hit a bump mid corner which really unsettled the car. Reading a few threads on here it seems to be a trait of the car but is the PFL...
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    Noise and smell - Thoughts?

    Almost sounds like fluid hitting the exhaust/turbo.may be worth getting the underneath and having a look.
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    Pfl saloon vs fl saloon rear bumper

    Have a look at on-line autosport.
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    cracked windsceen

    I had a genuine audi screen (acoustic glass+sunband) fitted for £370. It's worth phoning around smaller windscreen replacement companies as they can still fit a genuine screen for you.
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    S3 dsg clutch slip

    I have obd11 and have taken some logs of input and output speeds for shafts 1&2. I'm not sure what to make of them though.
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    S3 dsg clutch slip

    The car has done 30k but only been stg2 for less than 1k miles. It's booked for another dsg service so hopefully it's just low fluid level.
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    S3 dsg clutch slip

    Yes it's the 6 speed dq250. Clutch 1 was 13.5 bar at specified torque of 500nm. Also it seems limited to 500nm as it never goes above that yet my dyno graph after mapping showed 560nm. I also didn't notice any slip when testing,last time it slipped I had a passenger.
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    S3 dsg clutch slip

    Does anyone know the standard clutch pressure levels? Just done some logs and the highest recorded is 13.5 bar.
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    S3 dsg clutch slip

    Rather not say who the map is from but it's well known and trusted so I don't think that's the issue. I Don't have vcd but I do have obd11 Pro,the clutch pressures showed about 13psi,but I only did a short test. Could it be the mechatronic unit?
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    S3 dsg clutch slip

    Hi looking for any advice/opinions. I have a 2015 s3 dsg,it's stage 2 with a dsg map. Engine,dsg and haldex were serviced prior to going stage 2 and has done less than 1k miles. I'm experiencing what feels like clutch slip at wot in 4th gear and above. My indi assures me dsg fluid was filled...
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    OBDeleven Mods

    Theres a few videos on YouTube, woza off here done one recently.
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    Facelift OBD 11 PRO

    Be interested to see a video showing all its abilities,can this do mag ride recalibration? Where did you buy it from?
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    Help please - S3 8V hunting on idle

    How bad was yours hunting? Im sure i notice a little dip in mine on idle,almost like a slight miss fire,never sounds like it's going to stall though.
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    Did lightning ruin my car?!

    Also worth checking the charging voltage, could be unstable and causing problems.
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    Weird Noise Coming From S3

    Hard to tell,at first i thought it was a rattling exhaust baffle but the more i listen it sounds like a pump. Have you had the haldex serviced lately?
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    A3 8V Phone Mount?

    Thats different to mine
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    A3 8V Phone Mount?

    I have the magnetic one too. The small disc on my phone is not magnetic as far as i can tell,hasn't affected my cards anyway.
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    B&O amp location/replacement with aftermarket amp

    It does im just wondering on size and ohms,thinking if i could get one to fit in place of the b&o one.
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    B&O amp location/replacement with aftermarket amp

    Is the sub the same as one in the saloon?
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    B&O amp location/replacement with aftermarket amp

    Do you have b&o? Id love to upgrade the sub in mine but seems a fair bit of work.