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    When Showrooms Reopen...

    So was mine knowing full well your quite the advocate of DTUK....oh, and Jb4 or nothing....
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    When Showrooms Reopen...

    Pretty accurate description of a DTUK box to be fair!
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    When Showrooms Reopen...

    Drove the M135i 4 months ago, was nice, just very unmemorable, interior was it's highlight, gearbox wasn't the best, but the main thing which turned me off hugely was its zero tuning potential, that B48's turbo is pretty much at its limit stock, makes the S3 and R much more appealing to me at...
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    VWFS VT Process

    When I handed my Leon Cupra back last year with VWFS it was £45 per wheel regardless of how much damage there was!
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    Audi S4 B9 (2017) Stage 2 tune

    Honestly, go with Unicorn, you won't regret it, no other tune so far has gone as quick!
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    JB4 for Audi S4 B9

    I love them, I'm not running one in the S4 as I'm out of warranty so went with Unicorn! However I ran one for 2 years on my Leon Cupra, stock it dynoed at 303, with the jb4 and my own Map6 I made 375hp! Id you buy new you'll get George form BMS support if you wanted to create a custom, howe er...
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    Another problem- ECU Replacement

    From other people's feedback of the DTUK box I would also think it would be very reasonable to assume its that!
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    New memeber

    You've ventured into the platform at just the right time! Now send that bitch down to Unicorn and get its full potential unlocked!
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    B9 tuning options

    Well then, please go ahead and explain? It is indeed fact that Apr dont change any TCU parameters as per there thread on Audizine! It is also fact no one with an Apr tune has come close to running an 11.3/11.4! So please tell me, what was wrong?
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    B9 tuning options

    Apr dont touch anything to do with the TCU, thus the appaling looking graphs there tune produces! Untill they do release a TCU tune they will always be playing catchup!
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    B9 tuning options

    Unicorn Motor Developments I'm Stockport! First and only tuner in the UK to be mapping the gearbox aswell I believe! I'm currently running 0-60 in 3.3, 1/4 in 11.45@119.80 and 100-200kmh in 8.8 Theres waaaay more in it aswell, just waiting for dry roads!
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    Audi S4 B9 - additional services schedule

    Ignore Audi when they tell you not to service the gearbox, even ZF themselves recommended an oil change every 60k! Dont forget the front and rear diff oil and transfer box oil aswell!
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    Any idea what these are?

    They are under the scuttle panel on the right side!
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    Maxton design front splitter - photo request for white coloured Black edition

    Not a black edition but a white S4 though, this is the V1 version
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    Metalic clicking noise from front suspension

    One of the main culprits when turning the wheels when stationary is usually the strut top mount bearing!
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    What did you & your B9 do today?

    Bit of a controversial one, but thought I'd give it a bash as doing a little research it seems to make a little more power! Chucked in a K&N filter and opened up the airbox, who needs an overpriced intake! Just awaiting my Carbnlab intake hose for the complete job, soon as its dry outside I'll...
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    What did you & your B9 do today?

    Paid £340 for it with an 02 spacer but minus gaskets!
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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Gearing up for some MSS springs in the next few weeks, threw some Forge 11mm spacers on today to get an idea of what to do with the wheels when it's dropped! Subtle difference but worth it!
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    What did you & your B9 do today?

    Milltek catless downpipe cropped up for sale at a steal, best mod so far! Last weekend got a full de-chrome and other bits wrapped black, slowly getting there....
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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Last weekend got round to fitting the black RS grill and Maxton splitter then got the local vinyl place to de-chrome and wrap a few trim pieces gloss black! Still waiting for the black badges to be delivered to finish the job! Just deciding on wheels and color now, but, Milltek downpipe getting...