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  1. deanski

    Sick of 18+ games getting the blame!

    I saw a lady in Game on Friday buying Deadrising 2 and GTA4 for her son who was approx seven years old. It was obvious she was buying them for him yet the staff served her without question. If that was an off licence she would have been arrested. In a few days when she sees him beating a...
  2. deanski

    Thermostat and O ring for sale (wont show in classifieds)

    Mods please delete/ move this how you see fit. :) I posted an ad last night and I can see it to edit but its not showing in the classifieds. Also thought it's be more help to you guys in here. Classifieds: Thermostat and O Ring from PD 130
  3. deanski

    Bye Bye B6

    Well after one repair bill too many, my 12 yr old B6 has gone to the great trade in in the sky. :( I needed something with more room for the kids and the dog, and I didn't want to leave the VAG stable and wanted more toys so I plumped for a 2006 Mk3 Toledo Sport Tdi with the 140 bhp engine...
  4. deanski

    Here's a strange one for you all

    Why is it that if I leave my car stood for a couple of days, it runs drivers much better with no hesitations or rattly noises?
  5. deanski

    Whos running Eibach sportline springs ?

    I run them and dont have the B5's. TBH they would look better with them, but i'm running 17's.
  6. deanski

    Carbon wrap gear surround and ashtray- mini how to.

    So this week I finally decided to do something about the horrible, scratched surround of my gearstick. The plastics in the Audi are lovely and tactile but this has the drawback of them being easily marked. So here goes, my first attempt at wrapping. I included how to take off the surround so...
  7. deanski

    Glow plug feed. garage talking rubbish?

    Hi all I was told by a garage the other day that I wasnt getting any feed to my glow plugs but I have no starting issues, codes or flashing glow plug light. They also said the feed comes from the injector loom? Now I do feel they're trying to get some £££ out of me and failed miserably as they...
  8. deanski

    glow plug relay awx tdi

    can anyone tell me whereabouts it is please? :)
  9. deanski

    headlight condensation after side light change

    Hi all a while back I changed the sidelights and since then I'm getting condensation in my offside light. I've had it out again to make sure I put it back together OK and it seems fine. Any tips on what I might have missed? thanks
  10. deanski

    Oil light on, level Ok?

    Hi all my dad has a 2litre tdi and the yellow oil light has come on the DIS but levels are OK. garage say it could be a sensor stuck in the sump due to cold weather. anyone heard of this before? thanks in advance.
  11. deanski

    part number request in reverse

    sorry it has an N in front of it on the VAG picking slip.
  12. deanski

    part number request in reverse

    can someone help with a part no please? I ordered the rubber collar that fits round the oil filler but Audi have sent me an O ring with part no 90782301 but it doesnt fit any part of my filler car or spout. would someone be kind enough to tell me where this part is for? I googled but all i can...
  13. deanski

    Big (ish) oil leak

    possibly as i've just gone and had another look and the front bolts for the inlet manifold are fine but the back two are covered and dripping in oil.
  14. deanski

    Big (ish) oil leak

    had a bit of an oil leak past few days and around the oil filler on the rocker cover there is a bit of oil so I was thinking perished O ring. just got a torch in there with the engine cover off and there is oil all over the back of the engine and all over everything underneath it. it's used...
  15. deanski

    Oil leak

    hello all the A4 has developed an oil leak and there is quite a lot stemming from the oil filler on top of the rocker cover. Does the rubber collar around the filler have anything to do with it? thanks Dean
  16. deanski

    newb, with 1.9 130 loss of power after head gasket change

    A blocked or faulty egr will cause power loss. Mine was gummed up and the car would not pull at all. Take it off along with the exhaust manifold and give it a good clean with carb cleaner. There's a guide on here how to do it. Its an easy but messy and time consuming job. Is the vacuum pipe ok...
  17. deanski

    Couple of issues with the B6

    yeah the wire has snapped from the back of the caliper.
  18. deanski

    Couple of issues with the B6

    Hi all, has anyone changed a brake pad warning sensor and are they hard work? Mine has snapped off from the caliper end, probably a pot hole. Also, I can hear a clonking noise when coming off the accelerator but nothing under braking. Was thinking engine mount but open to other suggestions...
  19. deanski

    Brake pad sensor.

    Can anyone tell me what the sensor looks like or whereabouts it is? I hit a bump and my DIS started showing low brake pads but there is loads on them so just thinking I've dislodged it maybe. Thanks in advance.