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    Audi auto gearbox. Oil service/change for auto and manual?

    Depends on your gearbox code, some gearboxes have split oil circuits for the hydraulics and the gears. Others have one fluid for both. What is you gearbox code?
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    Audi s4 tdi dipstick dewb engine

    There is no dipstick, replace it with another bung.
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    2020 S4 TDI planetary gearbox failure

    The Gearbox is pretty robust, its the same ZF8HP65A used across various models, it doesn't usually fail. The 48V issue is well documented as you have now found out.
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    Engine temp.

    It only starts to read when the oil temperature is around 45 degrees c.
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    S6 C8 Reliability w/o warranty..

    The year of S6 you are looking at will most likely be the EA897Evo3 engine with the cast aluminium intake manifold. There isn't much information out there just yet but I wouldn't think it would be less reliable than the Evo2 of which there are a few cars with 200,000 miles.
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    Audi Service Plans

    The reason you can't find your current car is due to engine size. When I took my A5 3.0 TDI (286) in for service that's what they told me. I usually service my own car too but I need the services on record. Last service cost me £450 for an oil and filter change and pollen filter...
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    Front Engine Undertray Replacement

    Here is a steel one:
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    Rear Bumper Damage, Help??

    Was just about to say this. Making a claim regardless if its your fault or not can still affect your insurance premiums quite a bit.
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    Problem Previous messages

    For instance if I were to click on your name and try to view posts you made years ago, it wouldn't show up. But it seems like its fixed now so was probably just the server updating.
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    Problem Previous messages

    I know the forum is going through a revamp, how long will be be before we can find previous posts from users before all the changes to the forum?
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    Performance air filters (40 TFSi/TDi)

    Putting on a aftermarket filter is a good way to damage your turbo compressor wheel. Just stick the stock one.
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    Calling all S4 TDI owners

    Looks like this has been pulled from the UK configurator? Have they seized production?
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    3.0 TDI 150KW Multitronic Jerky on startup

    Have you serviced the gearbox? Might be due an oil change.
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    Clutch slippage? A5 3L Quattro 218PS B9 2017 Automatic

    You don't have ZF8HP65A (8 speed tiptronic), your car has DL382 which is a 7 Speed DSG, this gearbox has even weaker clutches than the older DL501, first step is to remove the tune and flash back to standard calibration.
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    Audi A4 2.0 tdi B8 fuel information

    Have a look at this thread.
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    Audi a3 2.0 Tdi issues :(

    The issue is a crappy map, take it back to the tuner and flash it back to standard.
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    Audi A4 2.0 tdi B8 fuel information

    The one you replaced is the fuel level sensor under the seat, there is also another one in the boot under a metal cover under the false floor its sealed with RTV, that's the one the usually tends to fail.
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    3.0tdi 272 intercooler upgrade and cat put back in?

    @Shock_Xe What's your current exhaust setup? It sounds quite good without being too loud.
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    2016 A4 3.0 Quattro S-tronic - driver assistance?

    Never driven the 218ps version but I briefly owned the 272ps with tiptronic and that was good car to drive, could do long distances easily, quiet and had very good performance. Overall a very decent package.
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    2016 A4 3.0 Quattro S-tronic - driver assistance?

    I believe driver assist is left for redundancy, in case you did have these options. Lane Assist is not included as part of the standard spec.