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    My good luck continues.. someone has hit me

    Had similar looking damage after a lorry clipped me approaching the Dartford Tunnel. £150 to repair and looks like new. Wasn't worth going through the insurance. Go and speak with some local body shops. Good luck!
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    Temp gauge probs?

    For reference I had my thermostat changed last year at an independent garage for £128. Parts £27 + labour £80 + VAT.
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    Stage one 2.0 TFSI and average is around 28mpg. Upwards of 36mpg on a motorway run and around 28mpg for town driving. Normally 400 miles to a tank of mixed driving.
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Finally got around to fitting. Had to abort final bumper fitting due to a storm hitting, but I am really very impressed with the kit. Many thanks to Trups!!! Fitting the first projector took me around 5 hours and the second one an hour. Took longer than planned due to the weather, but overall...
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Had no time to fit mine yet. Hope to next week if I can get a clear couple of days. Would love to black out the lights but might leave that until later in the year - priority is to see where I am going!
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    engine mystery

    Hope it is nothing serious! I have had similar and it was a faulty connection on the throttle body. Just cuts out with no error codes. Quick wiggle of the wires and was fine again. Have since resoldered back into the connector and no problems since.
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    2.0t fsi complete boost loss

    There is some information here that may help. Looks tricky to get the right adjustment / length. Good luck!
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Count me in Trups! Let me know as soon as you want payment/delivery details and I'll PM. Many thanks - it is a great deal and exactly what I was looking for.
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Ok, no problem. Had 6k in projectors on a B5 and they were fine.
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    Parkers Car Info Packs

    Could you send me this one as well if not too late!
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Great stuff Trups! If I understand correctly, to retrofit into halogen lights I would need: Bi Xenon H1 kit Iris shrouds 5k HID kit
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    Changing headlight bulbs - frustrating job!

    There is no need to remove the headlight to change the bulbs. You can get enough access behind the passenger side and simply remove the air intake on the drivers side. When putting the bulbs back in it may help to plug them in first and then insert into the headlight.
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Perfect! Thanks Trups. Look forward to the pics. As soon as you get some more kits in I'll order from you!
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    The projector kits sound a really good solution! Can you give an approximate cost Trups? Assume the basics is to add and align projector lens, then a HID kit can be used? Looked at these before on US forums and noted the amount of work and skill needed to align the lens.
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    These lights are copies. Seller said "TYC copy - very good quality" After a quick search some forums say the beam pattern and quality can be an issue. So will continue to look for originals.
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Well the seller feedback looks good so I will think it over tonight... JDP - I'm in Folkestone - at the edge of the green leafy bit near the sea!
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    You are right - doesn't say OEM or replica. I must of been looking at a few listings and just assumed!
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    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Whilst searching for xenon headlights on ebay I see that there are replica headlights - link Anyone know the quality of these and if they match the Audi manufactured parts? Obviously I would prefer original, but finding them hard to source and at £350 a pair the replicas are tempting.
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    How much grunt?

    Torque up to 396 Nm with an AMD stage 1 remap. 62 Nm gain.
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    LED H7 headlight conversion kit

    Very interested to see what the beam pattern is like with the LED bulbs. The pattern when using HID kits is all over the place