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    Am i making a mistake - S5 for Tesla Model 3

    No, I don't think you made a mistake. The Tesla Model 3 is excellent; I've heard rave reviews a bunch of times from very different people. But I want you to understand the whole point of electric cars - it's a pretty serious thing, in terms of the difference from the gas options. I know that...
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    r8 V10 Advice

    P.S. It's also important to choose a good place to buy it. It's better to get it by hand or from a source you trust so that you have someone to ask if anything happens. See link for details.
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    r8 V10 Advice

    I, too, am inclined to recommend coupe and auto. They are the most balanced options to buy, in my opinion. But don't forget that the most important thing is the condition in which this four-wheeled beauty will be. I recommend checking the engine and battery immediately, and they are often the...
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    Audi A7 battery

    Either way, a tip on 35 car battery might help, it's a commonly used battery
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    Audi A7 battery

    Stupid bugs, accidentally posted twice. This can be deleted if necessary.
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    Audi A7 battery

    There are a wide variety of models out there, try asking your dealer if you can. Or alternatively, try looking at an old battery, find out its specifications and buy a similar one.
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    Keys locked in boot of A5 CAB

    I think that the first thing is to check all the windows for cracks, you can suddenly get it, but objectively, without a spare key and application - there is no possibility.
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    Oil leak after rebuild

    If there are any problems, then I advise you to contact the professionals or do everything very carefully, as the guys stigaragedoor say - you need to always be careful and do everything exactly, otherwise you can’t avoid disaster, especially with regard to cars and similar things. Also with...
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    Oil leak after rebuild

    As an option, go to the service, because jokes with oil is a big problem. To accurately diagnose, but if the bolts just loosened up, that's not a problem. And what about your garage, it allows you to normally access the bottom?
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    Insurance rant

    They take advantage of the fact that you are completely dependent on them. But they are bit***s;)
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    What tyres you running on

    Goodyear f1 без вопросов, лучше ничего не придумал, скорее всего.
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    Stop by the car repair shop and ask the guys, they should tell you the color there, I think it will be easier.