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  1. dannyboy75

    Dreaded Low Oil Pressure Warning Petrol Engine (The Red Oil Can)

    I had this, first time it was a blocked pickup/strainer which was replaced with a revised version which is less prone to clogging. Had it again a year later and that time the oil pump had disintegrated. New oil pump was beaucoup dollars. The former is much more likely though, especially if...
  2. dannyboy75

    Bluetooth - delete/edit functions not possible

    Well the solution was laughably simple in the end. It suddenly occurred to me while driving home from work tonight. Disconnected my phone from the car's Bluetooth and it then allowed me to delete contacts or the whole phone book.
  3. dannyboy75

    Bluetooth - delete/edit functions not possible

    I posted this once before, some time back, but have never really got to the bottom of it. Basically the voice-controlled bluetooth system in my A4 won't allow me to delete or edit any numbers. I can store new voice-activated contacts using the 'store name' command, but if I say 'delete name' or...
  4. dannyboy75

    3.0 tdi best mpg so far, probably not seen again!

    I've had 48mpg on a long-ish run from my petrol 2.0TFSI, although I was sticking to 50mph (or just over)
  5. dannyboy75

    What have you done that you wish had been caught on video??

    I once balanced a 1p coin on top of a 2p coin (both on their edges) on a pub table. Just to add to the degree of difficulty I was several pints of Stella up at the time. Lame I know, but I was quite chuffed at the time, and have never managed to repeat it.
  6. dannyboy75

    Air con issues

    Well I had my MoT yesterday, so I got the guy to have a quick look into the air con issue while he had the car. It's not a refridgerant leak, as the system has plenty of pressure. The compressor and clutch are also spinning, so those seem OK. And the LP sensor seemed OK too, it's getting power...
  7. dannyboy75

    Air con issues

    Thanks, I'll have a look. I assume there's a fair bit of labour involved too, plus regassing costs etc?
  8. dannyboy75

    Air con issues

    Urrrgh. Thanks for the good luck wishes. I don't have a good feeling about this though! If its not a cheap fix (and if hitting it with a hammer fails) then I think it'll be bye bye audi, as this'll be the second four-figure repair bill on this car in a year or so. Think I might go back to Fords...
  9. dannyboy75

    Air con issues

    Thanks guys. Will get it checked at Kwik Fit first then. Really hoping it's not a seized compressor, as I'm guessing they're a) not repairable, and b) very expensive to replace.
  10. dannyboy75

    Air con issues

    Just as the warm weather's returned, my air con stopped working this morning :( It's been behaving a bit strangely for the last 3-4 weeks, whereby for the first few minutes after starting the car, the vents would sometimes blow hot air unless the system is set to LO. In other words, just...
  11. dannyboy75

    C**ts Who Damage Cars

    I had a black A3 8L keyed a few years ago, for no obvious reason. It's such a pathetic, pointless thing to do, I just don't understand the mindset of the turds who do it. Also just recently had the other favourite one done to my current A4 (B7) - left it parked in supermarket car park for 15...
  12. dannyboy75

    B7 Diverter Valve

    Same here, couldn't believe the difference when I had mine replaced. I reckon it was down about 50bhp with the knackered DV.
  13. dannyboy75

    B7 Diverter Valve

    I got a Rev.D part from ebay last year, about £45 I think. Made a huge difference to performance.
  14. dannyboy75

    What Tyres do you have?

    4 Tesco value tyres here. Had no choice as I'm skint at the moment and all 4 needed doing last month. Never really been a tyre connoisseur anyway though.
  15. dannyboy75

    Dirty Scum Bastids

    Sorry to hear this. IMO the punishment for stuff like this should be the same as in some arab countries - cut their hands off (and maybe a few other bits too). Hopefully every cloud has a silver lining and you end up with an even nicer Audi than the last one :)
  16. dannyboy75

    Can't delete bluetooth contacts

    Thanks guys. To clarify, I could never get the phonebook on my iPhone to sync with the in-car thing, so it's not that one. It's just contacts that I've added by voice, using the 'Store name' command.
  17. dannyboy75

    Can't delete bluetooth contacts

    Hi all Has anyone else had problems trying to delete/edit numbers from the Audi bluetooth phonebook? I can add them just fine, but if I try and amend or delete any, the bluetooth lady proudly says "Function not possible". I wondered if there was some sort of PIN code protection on it, but I've...
  18. dannyboy75

    points to look for on S LINE TFSI QUATTRO 2.0t

    As a fellow owner of a 55 plate high mileage TFSI Quattro, these are the issues I've had with mine. I bought it in Nov 11 with 108k miles, it's now done 130k. Paid £5k at time of purchase. DV knackered when car purchased Air bag light came on (had to do the pretensioner wiring fix under...
  19. dannyboy75

    Find My iPhone - Success!

    Great story and glad you got the phone back. I too have Find my iPhone and also iGotYa installed - the latter is a jailbreak app similar to iCaughtU, emails photo of thief and prevents shutdown of phone. Of course there's still nothing to stop the thief removing the SIM though. The other thing...
  20. dannyboy75

    Bosch wiper blades versus VAG contest!

    I can second that. I bought a set of Halfords ones about 4 months ago and already they're wearing out. Utter cr@p, and proves the old adage of 'Buy cheap, buy twice'.