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    For Sale RS4/RS5 A4 Audi Space Saver Wheel & Jack/Kit

    All genuine and unused parts required to replace the useless compressor and foam cr*p Wheel fits in boot floor around battery and sub, just remove polystyrene insert and pop in. Secures with same plastic nut. Tools in bag can fit in side compartment of boot. Jack, handle, wheel key, towing...
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    For Sale RS4/RS5 Exhaust Cete Active Valve Controller

    This Cete controller is an easy fit which allows you full control of the exhaust valves on your RS4/5 b9 or b9.5 Removed from mine earlier this month, it is in perfect working order and includes two electrical connectors to allow damage free fitting to the car’s electrical system Using...
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    For Sale RS4/RS5 Sport Exhaust System b9.5 (modified)

    Is your 2020 on b9.5 RS4 too quiet? This system has had the silencers and resonator removed and replaced by straight pipes to release some more noise This was done whilst fitted to the car and as such ensures perfect fitment. Stainless pipe used and fitted by custom exhaust workshop. If...
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    For Sale RS4 20” Alloys x4 OE Vorsprung with tyres

    RS4 alloy wheels & tyres x4 9Jx20 H2 ET22 8W0 601 025 FE Genuine Audi as original fitment to Vorsprung model RS4 b9.5 Wheels are completely unmarked and come with centre caps and alloy Audi dust caps Fitted with OE Continental SportContact 6 tyres with very low miles, no punctures and no cuts...
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    SQ5 Winter Wheels

    Lets see your winter wheels please, pick up car tomorrow and where we stay means I'll have to think about some very soon. What minimum size of wheel will the SQ5 take? Since they are winters only bigger profile tyres would do no harm in my book. :)