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    Best Audi specialist for 3.0T S5 near Berkshire?

    Can anyone recommmed an Audi specialist who knows the 3.0T S5 engine well in or near Berkshire please?
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    S5 (2014) Mild Vibration / rough idle.

    I just picked up a 2014 3.0T S5. 61350 miles It’s had regular services. The car pulls well, no obvious misfire under load but there’s a subtle vibration / rough idle. It occurs in park, neutral, drive and sport mode. No warning lights on the dash. It did have a fault code for the PCV...
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    B8 S5 - Buying help needed please

    Thanks for the response Dippy. It is a UK car yes. I’ve found a car that’s done 53k rather than 90k so I’m happy with that. It’s full loaded and has just had a new timing chain replaced and seals etc. It hasn’t had a gearbox service so that’s the first thing I’ll be doing. I’ll be...
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    B8 S5 - Buying help needed please

    I'm looking at buying an S5 - 2012 with loads of miles on it (90,000). I know some of the common faults but am I mad to think this is a good idea? It's got the driver select feature and I don't think the gearbox has been serviced (which I will obviousy do). Any thoughts, should I stear clear...
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    Nearly... yes!! :sm4:
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    Hi all, just awoke from the Glastonbury recovery sleep. Not long to go now, see you all in a couple of weeks. Nick
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    Quick update, There is now only one place left for the Show 'n' Shine comp so don't delay if you are still interested in applying. Nick
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    GTI International 2008 - 21st & 22nd June

    No I don't think I do, my partner in crime (Calvin) is going to be there for the whole weekend so there will be atleast one Audi from AudiMeets there. I will try and get up there early to avoid all the traffic.
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    GTI International 2008 - 21st & 22nd June

    Richard Broadfield (RichA3Turbo) 8L A3 1.8T Silver David Rooke (David R) co-driver of Carrera 4S Yellow along with (Ess_Three) Mark White (Byzan A4 and the Purple Princess) Christopher Maguire (ChriS3) RS4 Sprint Blue Martin Roberts (dub16) Mk3 Golf VR6 Black Jason Broadfield (JayA4Turbo)...
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    GTI International 2008 - 21st & 22nd June

    I will be attending this event on Saturday. I would ask to come and park next to you guys but as my RS4 has been scrapped and I am driving my brother's Boxter I don't think it would be appropriate!!! Would be good to meet up with you guys though. Nick
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    Hi everyone, Haven't been on here for a short while! So hello again! I hope you are all prepared for the next event which is under a month to go now!!! Thanks to all who have entered the Show 'n' Shine comp, there are still a few spaces left so don't delay and sign yourself up for the...
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    Thinking about an S3.

    You 100% correct, what an idiot I am!!
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    Thinking about an S3.

    Hi everyone, Some of you know who I am but those who don't.... hello. I have recently written my car off due to an incident with a deer. Very sad day!!! :blownose: I'm now looking at a new car and due to my insurance sky rocketing after my crash I don't think another RS is an...
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    Welcome mate, have fun with your new car.
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    Welcome, I hope you enjoy the new car.
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    N00b looking to but an S3

    Welcome mate, great choice of car, you will have loads of fun with it.
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    Hi everyone, We only have a few places left for the Show n Shine comp, anyone else interested. All we need is the form filled out and sent to
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    GTI Spring Festival pics

    Well, due to my bad start he was infront at the start, then both Turbos kicked in and I was away and he was a little spec in my rear view. :moa: