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    Is it just low battery or is a replacement needed?

    Thanks, yes the Bosch does have an extra year. I'm going ahead and replacing with the Bosch S5 A08 AGM. Thanks again everyone.
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    Is it just low battery or is a replacement needed?

    Was out for about 2.5 hours but once I got back the eye was still red and the Low Battery came up once again. @NHN I'll look into ctek thank you. Failling that, in regards to a replacement battery my local garage says an Exide for £197 coded/fitted or £240 for Bosch. Looking at Tayna after...
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    Is it just low battery or is a replacement needed?

    Alright, thanks. I have her booked in at my local garage next week for another potential issue and they'll check the battery for me too. In the mean time, I'll do the hour+ drive as suggested in the morning and see what happens. Yes, maybe the cut-off was too low. There was a reason I put it so...
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    Is it just low battery or is a replacement needed?

    A few short journeys last week <20 mins bar 2x 45 min drives, the dashcam (blackvue) has parking mode enabled but cuts off I believe at 11.8v I'm not entirely sure. Then its been sitting unused for the last 5 days. That could be the culprit.
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    Is it just low battery or is a replacement needed?

    Hi all, my car (66) didn't start yesterday after complaining 'low battery, will charge whilst you drive'. I jumped it this morning with a power pack, disconnected dashcam, kept the mmi/screen off and drove for about 10/15 minutes. When I parked and turned off the car and then switched it to...
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    Clutch popping sound and occassional floor

    Thanks for the response.
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    Clutch popping sound and occassional floor

    Hi everyone, I have A3 Sportback. 1.4 tfsi CoD 2016/17 81000k. I've had this issue happen twice in the last year (both whilst driving and stationary - vehicle not yet started for the day), where it felt like the clutch would catch in the first maybe half inch/inch depression of the clutch and...
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    Do I need the exact same parking module?

    The reason I ask is because I have not been able to source one but I can find the same part number with a differing end letter. I'm looking for 8p0919475d but I only come across ones ending in 'm' or 'p'
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    My faults questions

    Worked out what I need.
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    My faults questions

    Hi, My parking sensors haven't worked for awhile now. Is it a simple job that I could replace the parking control module? My passenger door locks and unlocks when it feels like it. Do I need a new motor according to the log? How do I address the other issues? I think the radio issue is...
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    What micro sd card ?

    Class 10/U3
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    After market head units

    Yes, I do get the disclaimer. It doesn't bother me as such, at least not yet.
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    After market head units

    I purchased the unit for £423 from Amazon. The Connects2 Kit (CTKAU01) was £78 which includes all the parts you'll need for installation. Installation was straight forward enough, more or less plug and play. I bought it primarily for android auto and it works quite flawlessly, I haven't...
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    Aud 3 2008 facelift

    58 reg
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    After market head units

    If you decide you don't mind something other than a straight switch-a-roo. I would recommend the Pioneer AVH-X8700BT which for navigation you have Android Auto and CarPlay. It has Bluetooth, it's FM though you could always use TuneIn and also other media compatibility USB/SD/DVD etc. 6785
  16. Modifications/Upg


    Modifications and upgrades to my A3
  17. Pioneer AVH-X8700BT

    Pioneer AVH-X8700BT

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    Audi A3 1.4 TFSi timing chain intervals?

    I have the 1.4 TFSI, if I remember correctly, I believe I was told by Audi Finchley that it doesn't requiring changing.
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    2012 A3 Headlight Change What i'm referring too.
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    2012 A3 Headlight Change

    Ye, I want to change my lights too. I think there was a group buy not so long ago for comparible headlights like these. I think they were a straight fit.