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  1. Bigdave_ctr

    NOX sensor issues P220A00

    Hello all, Looking for some advice regarding NOX sensor issues that have been ongoing in my 2016 Audi A7. Essentially there was a historic code cleared for NOX sensors last year that an independent Audi garage done for me when my car was in for a coolant leak. I had noticed that the fuel...
  2. Bigdave_ctr

    Anyone Upgraded their MIB2 Screen to Android?

    Cheers John, You're help with this has completely made my mind up and I've just now ordered this unit. I may well regret sticking with Android initially but I just don't think I could cope with an iPhone! Hopefully the coolwalk update comes soon but for me it's the touchscreen capability...
  3. Bigdave_ctr

    Anyone Upgraded their MIB2 Screen to Android?

    John, This looks tremendous!! I'm seriously considering going for this after having installed the unique auto developments android auto/car play interface last year and not being very impressed by it, mainly due to having to retain the small low res screen without the touchscreen capability...