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  1. spencer361

    My A3 Quattro TDI up for sale!

    Cheers guys
  2. spencer361

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    I never thought I would say this but I've finally had to give up the beauty to buy a KITCHEN and BATHROOM!!!!! She's a CR170 Quattro Black Edition 76,000 miles I bought it on 24,000 from Audi Bridgend 3 years ago. Spent a year in Mallorca and has been to the Alps 4 times, latest being January...
  3. spencer361

    Were heated seats rare?

    I have a BE sportback and I have heated front and rears. when I was looking for my upgrade 8p, I found cars to either have an RNSE and no heated seats or heated seats and no RNSE
  4. spencer361

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Drove from 2,737 miles from Leeds down to Bad Gastein, to Milan, to Les Deux Alpes, Poole and back to Leeds. Thank god for Continental winter tyres and quattro
  5. spencer361

    2.0 TDI Poor MPG?

    CR 170 Quattro, DIS says 42 mpg over the last 38,000 miles. Round town I'm hitting 38-40 mpg and on a run 46-50. lucky if I get 520 out of 55L Nowhere near as economical as my old 07 FWD BKD with a darkside turbo. that was always 50 plus and 600 out of 53L
  6. spencer361

    cr 170 dpf delete & remap

    Interest to know too... My old engine was the 140 bkd with a hybrid turbo AND uprated clutch. Looking at a remap or turbo kit for my new cr 170 but if I increase the power, wondering how the clutch will hold. currently on 61,000 miles
  7. spencer361

    Q3 Climate Control 8P Retrofit

    Best Interior mod I've done in my opinion. With the way dashboards are going nowadays, the older dashboards are looking older quicker!
  8. spencer361

    Quick thank you and goodbye [emoji847]

    All the best, looking forward to what you have in store for the new beast
  9. spencer361

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Hi Guys, Thinking of putting the A3 up for sale, bought a VW T5 and I use a polo for work so its not getting the use it deserves. Its been a really hard decision to part with her but thought if it went to someone on here it would be going to a better home. It's down with me in Mallorca and...
  10. spencer361

    8P3 Bi-xenons plastidip

    HI guys, Anyone had facelift 8P Bi-xenons apart. I'm interested to see what the chrome bits would look like black, matt silver or a different colour. Google can't seem to find me anyone who has had the courage to do it.
  11. spencer361

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Morning everyone, Selling my original climate interface WITH heated seats from my 2012 sportback. car had only done 30,000 miles when removed, it's in immaculate condition. Selling it because i have upgraded to a Q3 interface Leeds £95 Part No: 8p0820043BN Build date 01.12.11 Will get some...
  12. spencer361

    2012 TDI 170 water pump leak

    Booked in tomorrow morning at the Audi dealership here in Palma. 800 euros including vat for new water pump, cam belt, new bolts etc and labour. Thought I would just get it done. Last thing I want is to be stranded on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere even though I do have european...
  13. spencer361

    2012 TDI 170 water pump leak

    Thanks Retroman, Appreciate the response. The car has only just gone over 45,000 miles which is why its confusing me. My last A3, a BKD had 150,000 on the clock and never had a problem. I know if I take it to Audi here in Mallorca, they will sting me as everyone likes to sting tourists! I Don't...
  14. spencer361

    2012 TDI 170 water pump leak

    Hi guys, Got a bit of leak on my car in the pic below. She is going through quite a bit of coolant so I jacked it up, took the OS/F wheel off and arch liners. Also the cam belt cover off on the top section of the belt. Found the cam belt and casing soaking. Started her up and saw tiny bits of...
  15. spencer361

    Latest SAT NAV disc worth it?

    Hi Guys, Just thought I'd ask people who have the latest SAT NAV disc if its worth it? I have a 2012 disc and there are certainly a few roads missing. I know you can now enter postcodes etc but is there anything better about it? quality of display etc. In my opinion I haven't been too impressed...
  16. spencer361

    My new A3 S-Line Quattro

    Nice motor! I am looking forward to seeing your plans. Here is mine, pretty much the same but 170. It's my second A3. This first I had for 4 years and I'm 8 months in to this ownership. I spend 6 months in between the 2 cars deciding what else to get and there wasn't another car in it's class...
  17. spencer361

    wastegate rattle

    Hi guys, I'm usually in the A3 8P section but I need some advice on my brothers 2.0T B8. It is currently at the audi dealership with the engine out due to it failing the oil consumption test. Audi contacted him this morning regarding a problem with the turbo. The wastage valve looks to have...
  18. spencer361

    270BHP TDI Quattro

    @Sayam you're a fellow yorkshire man? Leeds myself
  19. spencer361

    270BHP TDI Quattro

    yeah standard, I've done 14,000 miles in 5 months and I'm already used to the power. I love the quattro, mine is manual, never spins. I will be interested to see what you do as I will be following you down the same route at some point.