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  1. Scottyg

    S3 Insurance at 18?!?!?!

    Where you getting your quote from? Have you tried Marmalade?
  2. Scottyg

    VCDS in Lanarkshire Area

    A mate of mine has just bought an A5. He’s looking to activate a few things if possible. Anyone around Motherwell/Hamilton area that could assist?
  3. Scottyg

    GaryP’s Pure White Mk7.5 Golf R Estate

    Very nice. @batch has one in red.
  4. Scottyg

    Facelift S3 FL - 3 door v 5 door (differences and opinions)

    I actually prefer the Sportback even though I bought a 3dr. The 3dr is cracking looking but the SB just seems in better proportion. And having kids it would have been nice getting a extra few doors!
  5. Scottyg

    a new trance mix from me

    @Ghost have a look at Roman Messer. If you like vocal trance you’ll love him. Listening to a lot of his stuff just now and Above & Beyond again. Moved away from them a while ago but liking some of their recent stuff. But my favourite from both are these two tracks
  6. Scottyg

    Facelift Electric problem...

    @MaffewEM my mate works for Enterprise and owns an S3. He parks his car at the front of the lot but no ones getting in that apart from him. :thumbs up:
  7. Scottyg

    Facelift Electric problem...

    That’s better than normal. :sign wow:
  8. Scottyg

    My first ever Audi :)

    One owner car? Welcome along. Enjoy your stay on ASN.
  9. Scottyg

    Facelift Electric problem...

    Are you being kept mobile while it’s in?
  10. Scottyg

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    It’s meant to be a top up for the Cquartz UK but can be used on its own.
  11. Scottyg

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    @jassyo06 I’ve used the Reload since I bought the A3, so three years or so. I have the Cquartz U.K. in the house but back not good enough just now to get it applied so Reload it is. Easy to use, spray on wipe off. Very hydrophobic.
  12. Scottyg

    Happy Birthday Sandra

    Belated birthday wishes Sandra. Hope your boys spoiled you rotten.
  13. Scottyg

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    CarPro Reload bought from Slims. First order from there, not my normal supplier but they were the only place that had the 500ml Reload in stock. Everywhere else sold out, even CarPro websites. Love this stuff. So easy to use and lasts well.
  14. Scottyg

    Moving On

    Exactly mate. It’s so much easier stepping in and out. Still need to spin round on my backside as I can’t step out to the side, kills my fuse!!! The engine is getting sweeter the more I drive it and getting use to the petrol over the diesel!!!
  15. Scottyg

    Moving On

    The new polo is lovely, homage to the old Golf. As is the Fiesta ST. Saw a new shake one the other day, they look lovely. Enjoy your holidays, I’m off to Cyprus in April. Can’t wait for some sun.
  16. Scottyg

    New S3 ordered!

    Stunning R buddy.
  17. Scottyg

    Moving On

    Thanks everyone. As asked here are some interior shots! Ain’t going to win any design awards but everything easy to use and find.
  18. Scottyg

    Moving On

    I went in thinking Diesel Sport Edition but they’ve stopped making it in that trim! Only in the petrol turbo manual or DCT. And I wasn’t going manual. Seemingly due a slight facelift in June/July they are phasing out the Sport to be replaced by X named new trim!! Good to know your Mrs loves...
  19. Scottyg

    Moving On

    Cheers @Bristle Hound Saw another Cupra today. Sort of Daytona coloured one. Lovely with the 19s.
  20. Scottyg

    Moving On

    Cheers @Tom.H