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  1. spartacus68

    A4 avant advice

    As in previous owner? That might be a bit of a needle in a haystack, but you never know. Small world and all that. It's B8.5 177PS quattro 130kw CGLC engine. Had a scan at MOT, so miles kind of high at 135k, but above average I suppose given car is 10 years old. Things to note, timing belt is...
  2. spartacus68

    2017 B9 a4 1.4 TFSI 150 oil type

    Don't know enough about oil other than what the manufacturer specifies for the car. For the sake of £50-60 just get the 0W-20 rather than risk anything would be my advice. This is for 2017 1.4 TFSI (110kW). I don't use Amazon (because Jeff is rich enough), but I see 4 litres are available there...
  3. spartacus68

    Is it a write off

    Reported as SPAM! :gun2:
  4. spartacus68

    Another economy question - it’s not good.

    I'd say that's a little low. I don't know the engine in particular, but there's an older thread on the same subject. Everything being equal, rule out any potential issues. Brakes not hot to touch. You're not running with a Thule roof box on are you...
  5. spartacus68

    17inch Alloy over the larger front calipers?

    This is from Audi Allroad brochure (2017) and lists 17-19" wheel packages for engines including 2.0 TFSI and TDI plus 3.0 litre variants.
  6. spartacus68

    S4 opinions plz

    If you watch VAG Technic on YouTube - you'd never buy another performance car again. I do think a lot of this is attributed to Audi cutting corners with newer models. Its not that long ago that the whole dieselgate saga unravelled, so VW Group are actively recovering costs for shareholders...
  7. spartacus68

    Issues after clutch and DMF change

    Sounds like too much of a coincidence, if EPB doesn't release with drive and no rear sensors. What are you scanning with, generic OBD or VCDS?
  8. spartacus68

    Help Please Ouch!

    Sorry to hear that. Rad pack all intact?
  9. spartacus68

    B9 rear spring seats

    Wow. Yes, chances you will have to remove the top mount. It's held in place with a plastic grommet, but depending on how much space you have it may be easier to get the bottom seat in place, on the lower trailing arm, then add the top mount to the spring and ease into place. If its a quattro -...
  10. spartacus68

    B9 rear spring seats

    Part way through this job. Rain stopped play with torrential downpours, making it dangerous given the procedure is a bit Heath Robinson. Got O/S done, just working on N/S. Again thanks Greg for this tip. Couple of things to note for anyone attempting it. I dropped the trailing arm to hub bolt...
  11. spartacus68

    oil change: Drain plug or Extractor???

    Not familiar with the plastic sump, but I've seen videos. I think the sump plug has an 'o' ring washer on it. There's two ways to look at this - if it's dry as a bone, you can leave it, but for the cost of a new sump plug - it's all about prevention of future leaks.
  12. spartacus68

    B9 rear spring seats

    Thanks Greg - appreciate you coming back to me. I picked up the spring seat bushes yesterday. If it all looks like two much hassle, I may undo the eccentric bolts instead on the trailing arm. I know I'll need the alignment done again, even although I can mark it. I picked up new eccentric bolts...
  13. spartacus68

    Whats missing???

    There's a 12v supply on the B8/8.5 Avant on the right hand side in the load area. Is it working?
  14. spartacus68

    B9 rear spring seats

    Ignore the 2 year warranty now I've checked, it's a complete waste of time. Just read the small-print from AutoProtect. Car needs to be serviced every 6 months or 6k miles from purchase, whichever is sooner, (car purchased last September and only done 5k miles) or they won't pay out. Company are...
  15. spartacus68

    Brake pads warning came on

    Ideally you want to at least take off the caliper to inspect the pads and clean and lube the sliders. Good excuse to clean the pads and ensure the brake carrier is spotless too. The car will use pad stainless shims/springs. As mentioned, the sensor wire clips onto the inner most pad, the sensor...
  16. spartacus68

    Very feint whine on light throttle

    If it's the bearing, then it's bolt-on, which is a good thing. At 160k miles it's likely welded on with corrosion and you'll need an air hammer to shift. I've always found wheel bearings difficult to diagnose, especially with road wheels on, and they rarely knock as in lateral movement. If...
  17. spartacus68

    Avant Roof rails damage - advice needed pre purchase

    Thule roof rails use a foot pack with rubber protector. Suspect the previous owner has simply added a foot pack without this protector or used a different brand. I had something similar on my B8 Allroad but using Thule. After being on for at least 6 years, it left a mark, but not scratches...
  18. spartacus68

    Rear Brakes

    It's worth putting the battery on a trickle charge doing rear brakes, with or without the scan tool. As mentioned, VCDS can cycle through the service of these brakes with the electric handbrake. With the electric motor disengaged - the piston can be retracted with a 7mm allen key, then pushed...
  19. spartacus68

    Power Steering Issue

    Yes, you should be able to give Audi the registration or VIN and see if there's outstanding software update against the car. However that said - I'm sure Audi will charge an hour's labour which is is in region of £180 which may or may not fix it. What were you using to scan the car? No...
  20. spartacus68

    Audi UK Extended Warranty On 7 Year Old Car?

    I suppose these things are down to your attitude to risk. Audi have an online form - add in your registration, confirm any excess you'd likely pay, proposed annual mileage and it will quote you. If it was a diesel for example, then at this age it's definitely worth having all component cover...